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When summers are on their peak, beating the heat becomes the most challenging task ever. 

In this season, many people prefer to stay indoors but it is not possible for everyone because we have to do something to earn our basic living and for doing so, we have to step out. 

It becomes very difficult to keep our body cool outdoors. The brutal summer heat won’t allow us to work properly and interferes in our work continuously by snatching our comfort. 

Thus, it indirectly decreases our efficiency level and affects our performance as well. 

horse popsicles

To overcome this extremely uncomfortable condition people always search for various ways to cool themselves. Luckily, humans have found various ways of cooling and comforting themselves. 

One of them are air conditioners which are widely used by humans from the past few years. It is not possible to enjoy this pleasure outdoors when the sun’s rays are just above our heads. 

So, they have to think of some other natural ways to remain cool and hydrated. 

But it’s not the case with Horses. !!

They also feel the same heatwave, pain, and discomfort as us but the only difference between them and us is that they rely on us for their comfort and maintenance as they are unable to do it themselves. 

horse popsicles

They also need cool treats and cool baths after heavy workouts but we often ignore their needs. Horses have been our source of pleasure from the very beginning of human survival.

They have always assisted us in both our professional and personal lives. So, we must take care of them and make them feel cool and comfortable. 

After heavy training sessions and rides, they need some cool treats which increase their happiness and comfort level. 


During summers, hydration is the most crucial process as there is an excessive loss of water from our body in the form of sweat which could be compensated by increasing intake of water and watery contents. 

Water intake should be increased in various ways like drinking excessive energy drinks of various flavors of your choice, taking cold drinks and eating those fruits which contain an excessive amount of water.


Just like humans, horses also have their likes and dislikes and it’s better to take care of their feelings as well. They also need cool and soothe treats in summers.

Horse Popsicles - The best summer treat for your horse

Horse Popsicles are commonly known as ice pops

Popsicles are Frozen flavored water-based cooling agents or desserts placed generally on a stick. 

horse popsicles

They are not whipped like ice cream and are directly frozen to make them a solid block of ice.

The sticks are useful in holding them and supporting them so that one could easily enjoy these horse popsicles. When sticks are not used in them then they are referred to as freezie.

Popsicles are popularly used in different parts of the world to beat the scorching heat. They are available in various flavors’ in most of the stores. 

Nowadays, horse popsicles are made at home by using fruits, fruit juices, various flavored beverages, vegetables, etc. Nothing much is needed in making them. 

Only an ice cube tray, a stick and a flavored drink would do the job very well. They are not only enjoyed by humans but also by our pets and equines. We generally serve them as a treat. 

DIY Horse Popsicles

There are a variety of ways in which we can make horse Popsicles. But fruit popsicles are the most refreshing treats for everyone in summers. 

Instead of using the traditional fruit juices, sliced fruits are preferred these days in their preparation. It’s the best and the latest way to enhance water content as well as vitamin C in horses. 

Almost all the fruits are used for making horse popsicles except some which are fatal for the horses. Both fresh fruits, as well as frozen fruits, can be used to make them. They are selected according to your ease.

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When you have enough fruits in your kitchen and you are worried about their freshness then simply freeze them and use them afterward for making horse popsiclesThis freezing won’t allow them to rot. Here are some fruit horse popsicles. 

Apple Carrot Horse Popsicles

Materials required:

  • Water
  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Strings or thin ropes
  • Two straws or sticks
  • A large cup made of plastic
  • Knife 
  • Cutting board
apple carrot popsicles

Method of preparation:

  • First of all, chop all the apples and carrots into small bite-size pieces with the help of a knife on a chopping board.

Try chopping pieces of equal sizes either small or medium. It’s better to take carrots more than apples as carrots contain a lot of vitamins which are good for health. 

  • Set all of them aside and cut a piece of carrot larger in size than others, you have chopped and tie a rope or a string around it.

This rope will help in tying the horse popsicles to a window or a nail. This tying of a string to a piece of carrot is done to keep the rope at the bottom of the cup.

The carrot adds weight which won’t allow the string to come up when water is poured in it.

  • Place the stringed carrot in the middle of the cup and try to hold it in the cup. 
  • Then add the chopped carrots and apples to the cup and arrange them according to your wish. 

They should be either arranged in layers or are mixed randomly.

Now, we have to do something to place the straw in the middle of the cup or glass which could help the string to stay in the middle during the freezing process. A straw or a stick could do this job very well. 

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  • Take two straws and place them parallel to each other. 
  • Tie them with the help of a tape or something else at the endpoints. 
  • Now fix these straws on the surface of the cup at two endpoints so that they can not move around and stay in its place. 
  • Put the string or rope in between the straws in the middle of the cup and try pushing the string out from the middle of the straw.

Try to put the water level below the surface of the cup or glass and avoid pouring much liquid in the cup to avoid overflowing. 

Now its time to freeze them. Place the cups in the freezer. For best results freeze them for at least seven to eight hours.

Your horse popsicles are ready to serve. 

  • Put them out of the fridge and twist the cups gently so that horse popsicles should easily pop out from the cup.

Now hang it in the stall or horse stable and let your pony enjoy.

Ice Cubes Horse Popsicles

Materials Required:

  • Ice cube trays for pouring and freezing the liquid
  • Fruits or vegetables of your choice
  • Cutting board for cutting vegetables and fruits
  • Knives 
horse popsicles
  • Apple sauce or any other sauce of your horse’s choice
  • Mint leaves for refreshing the cubes
  • Grater for grating fruits and veggies

Method of preparation:

  • Wash all the materials used in the preparation of this treat as well as your hands thoroughly before granting them or cutting them.
  • Grate the veggies and fruits of your choice. Grate them finely with the help of a grater and put them aside.
  • Crush the mint leaves or simply and roughly grind them. Mint leaves are best known for their refreshing properties from time immemorial. Its quantity should be reduced or increased according to your own choice.
  • Add all the grated fruits and veggies in a container and mix them well. Add baby food puree or apple sauce in it. 
  • After mixing them, pour the mixture with a spoon or a scoop in the ice trays and freeze them overnight. 
  • After freezing, put the tray outside the freezer for a while and pop out the cubes from the tray. Put all the pop-out cubes in a container or a bowl. 

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After exercises, give your horses a hand full of these treats which will cool your horse’s body and refresh them.

Kiwi watermelon Horse Popsicles

These horse Popsicles contain concentrated watermelon and kiwi which makes them more delicious, satisfying, cool and different from the others. Its hydrating properties can’t be ignored as well. 

Some people and animals want it badly during the humid climates when heat radiates out of our body like waves making the body more uncomfortable. Kiwi watermelon horse popsicles are considered best for humid climates.

Materials required:

  • Three peeled kiwis
  • Three cups of seedless watermelon
  • Coconut water or simple water
  • Blender
kiwi watermelon popsicles

Method of preparation:

  • First of all, peel all the kiwis and then wash them properly to remove all the dirt.
  • Cut kiwis into small pieces and then put them in a blender or food processor and start blending them. 
  • Slowly add some water in it while blending. Make it a smooth paste. Sometimes rough mashing is also done with a fork or hand.
  • Pour them in the bottom of the popsicle mold and freeze it till it becomes solid or semi-solid.
  • Blend the watermelon in a blender after removing its seeds with a fork or some pointed object.
  • Pour the watermelon paste on the top of a frozen kiwi. 
  • Place a wire or string in the middle of the watermelon paste and then put the mold back again in the freezer for at least two to three hours.

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  • Once they freeze, put the mold under lukewarm water for a few seconds which would eventually help in releasing the horse popsicles easily.

Place them in your horse’s stall and let them roll like a ball. They will enjoy this for sure.

Energy Giving Horse Popsicles

Materials required:

  • Oral electrolyte powder
  • One cup oat
  • Water
  • One baby corn
  • Two apples
  • Grater
  • Blender
horse energy

Method of preparation:

  • Crush all the carrots or blend them roughly after washing them properly. 
  • Take one scoop of oral electrolyte powder and put them in a pan or a jar. 
  • Add water to the jar and properly mix them with a scoop or a spoon. 
  • Take half of the apples and mince them and cut the remaining half of the apples into very small size or medium-sized pieces. This adds the taste in horse popsicles and increases their flavor. 
  • Blend the remaining apples in a blender converting them into a smooth paste. 
  • Add some amount of electrolyte in a blender while blending the apples. 
  • Blend it until it becomes a smooth paste or a puree

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  • Now wash the ice cube trays carefully and put two to three corn pieces in each of the compartments of the tray and fill them with the blended apple sauce.

You can also sprinkle some grated carrots on it.

  • Plastic cups or any other kind of containers are also used for putting the liquid contents in it. 
  • Carrots and apples should also be evenly drizzled sometimes over the horse popsicles. It’s totally up to your choice. 
  • They are topped with oats also. Strings are also placed in the centre of the cups and glasses are used in place of ice cube trays.
  • Freeze them until they acquire a solid and smooth shape.

They are healthy and are energy Giving treats, which helps in reducing the body temperature in hot summer days

A lot of body fluids are lost in the form of sweat. The quantity of water in the body also decreases with an increase in temperature. 

This leads to a condition known as dehydration. The electrolyte present in these Popsicles helps in preventing dehydration. 

During heavy exercises and long training sessions, never forget to place a bucket of normal water near your horses and put these horse popsicles around it or near them to increase the fun and Comfort level.

Rainbow Horse Popsicles

Rainbow horse popsicles require the layering of a variety of fruits and vegetables in an alternate manner or any other manner. So, it looks like a rainbow after the whole process of preparation.  

Sometimes veggies and fruits are blended carefully to make it a smooth paste. 

These smoothies are generally layered in the mold with the help of a spoon or scoop. On pouring the smoothie in the glass or cup, it is natural that particles of one layer get mixed with the other layers. 

rainbow popsicles

This mixing won’t affect the taste. These multi-coloured horse popsicles look very attractive and are fun to lick and eat. Our horses also like such kind of delicious and colorful treats. 

Freezing these horse popsicles overnight gives the best results

Materials required:

  • Half cup frozen banana
  • Half cup frozen mango
  • One small orange
  • Half cup frozen pieces
  • Water or any other liquid for blending 
  • Some spinach leaves
  • A Small Amount of blue food color
  • Half cup frozen beetroots

Method of preparation:

  • First of all, wash every material properly and thoroughly so that any kind of infectious agents and dirt won’t harm your animal. 
  • With the help of a blender, blend all the frozen fruits one by one. Gradually add water while blending to make them a smooth paste. Keep in mind the thickness of the paste. It won’t be too thick or too watery. 
  • Don’t forget to rinse the blender after each blending and then prepare the next smoothie one after the other. 
  • Peel the orange and remove all the unwanted parts and seeds with the help of a pointed knife or any pointed object.
  • Then put the orange in a blender or a mixer to make it a smooth paste. 
  • Don’t forget to strain the orange juice as they contain some unwanted pieces of stuff which could create hindrance in your enjoyment.
  • Cut the spinach leaves after washing them thoroughly as they always contain soil particles in it. Put the leaves in a blender and make it a thick paste. If required strain them also. 

Now it is the turn to layering them. 

  • Carefully layer the smoothie in the popsicle molds with the help of a scoop or spoon. 
  • The layers will blend a little, it’s a natural process but it won’t spoil your horse popsicles. So, there is no need to worry. 

Once they are filled in the molds, place a string or a rope in the middle of the mold for keeping the string at its place to hold them and after that, freeze them overnight. 

The best way to release horse popsicles from the mold is to place them in normal water. Make sure that they don’t go above the top of the popsicle molds. 

Keep them in water for a few seconds.

If the horse popsicles still don’t come out easily, then keep them for a few more seconds. Once they are removed from the mold then wrap them in plastic bags and keep them in the freezer again. 

Enjoy afterward!!

Fresh Mango Horse Popsicles

Mangoes are the classic summer fruits which contain a lot of vitamin A and C. These vitamins are very beneficial for health as they protect the body from various diseases and it provides strength and support to the body. 

mango popsicles

Mangoes remained the all-time favourites for almost everyone including human beings and animals. 

There is a large no of species of mangoes that are found all over the globe. Some of them are juicy while others are pulpy and delicious. 

Mango juices and cool mango pops always remained the most popular and refreshing agents during summers.

Materials required:

  • Three to four mangoes of any variety
  • Four tablespoon Sugar according to your preference
  • Popsicle molds 
  • Knife 
  • Chopping board

Method of preparation:

  • Wash all the mangoes thoroughly and peel them one by one with a knife. Try to peel the skin completely and in a clean manner so that the taste won’t get spoiled. 
  • Chop them into medium bite-sized pieces and remove the seeds from them. 
  • Put all the chopped mangoes in a blender and add some sugar in a blender according to your own choice. 
  • Blend them into a smooth paste. Add a little water by opening the lid in the middle. Check the thickness of the paste before freezing. 
  • If needed blend again to make it a smooth paste.
  • You can also add some grated mangoes to the mango paste to make it more delicious. 
  • Wash your popsicle molds properly and dry it with a piece of cloth. It is the turn to put the paste into molds. 
  • Fill the popsicle mold with the mango puree. Try not to fill more than three fourth of the container. 
  • Freeze them for eight hours or more. 
  • After freezing, slowing remove the horse popsicles by putting the bottom in lukewarm water or normal water for a few seconds. 

Honeydew Mint Horse Popsicles

Honeydew melon and mint are famous for their refreshing properties. They are simple to make and tastes much better than any other popsicles. 

They have a bright fresh flavor and are so sweet despite very little sugar in it.

Materials required:

  • Half honeydew melon 
  • One-third cup granulated sugar
  • Ten to fifteen mint leaves
  • Two to three teaspoon lime juice
honeydew mint popsicles

Method of preparation:

  • First of all, wash the honeydew melons thoroughly and cut them into slices. 
  • Put the slices in a blender and blend them properly. 
  • Pour the mixture into popsicle molds or in a glass or a cup. 
  • Place a string or rope in the middle of the glass or cup for hanging them. 
  • Place them in a freezer for at least four to six hours but freezing them overnight is considered to be the best way to freeze them.

Orange Mango Coconut Horse Popsicles

Materials required:

  • Four cups mango, Chopped
  • Two cups unsweetened coconut milk Whisked
  • Four five teaspoon orange juice
  • Three tablespoon honey
orange mango coconut popsicles

Method of preparation:

  • Wash mangoes properly and peel their skin & slice them into small cube-like pieces and blend them in a mixer or a blender to make it a smooth paste. 
  • Take at least three cups of mango slices. 
  • Add coconut milk while making a puree instead of water. 
  • Peel the oranges and remove all the unwanted kinds of stuff from the pieces of oranges. 
  • Put them in a juicer and strain the liquid with the help of a strainer.  
  • A thin muslin cloth sometimes also does the job of straining the liquid. 
  • Then, add the orange juice and mango puree in a mixer. 
  • Also, add half cup coconut milk in it. Add honey according to your choice. Mix them well. 
  • Now cut the remaining mangoes into thin slices and divide them evenly among the popsicle molds. 
  • Then mix them thoroughly with a stick or spoon. 
  • After filling the molds insert a thin thread in the middle of the molds and freeze them for at least five to six hours or freeze them overnight for best results.

Basic Ingredients used to make Horse Popsicles

The two main non-dairy frozen treats manufactured these days are popsicles and juice bars. The popsicles hold ninety percent of water. 

Other major ingredients used in manufacturing these horse popsicles are: 

These ingredients provide them a smooth and pleasurable texture. Sugars and stabilizers are used basically for softening them. They also help in making them edible. 

Also, Stabilizers and sugars help in decreasing their usual melting process. Generally, Flavors are highly concentrated to make it delicious. 

Fruit flavors are preferred commonly by almost everyone. 

Some citrus fruits are also used in their making. These flavors contain addictive’s like citric acid.

Basic Designs of Horse Popsicles

The design of the popsicles also varies greatly. Their flavors and shapes also depend on the manufacturer or the maker. They are eye-catchy and attractive. 

Molds are made in a variety of ways and come in many colors as well as in many flavors.

horse popsicles

Sometimes they are coated with outer colors and flavors for making it different from others. 

The cost of the horse popsicles also varies according to designs and flavors. The most liked flavors and designs are generally costly.

More about Horse Popsicles

Horses also feel the same way as humans. They also experience the change in climatic conditions and respond to them as well. When the temperature rises up, making the climate hot and humid, a cool treat is necessary for your horses and mares. 

A cool bath also does the job very well but it is not possible to find water bodies like swimming pools and ponds everywhere. 

That’s why in such situations, we have to find other ways to cool ourselves as well as our equines. Thus, Horse Popsicles are considered the best alternatives which could beat the heat to much extent. 

fruit popsicles

They have gained much popularity in the past few years as they are used as a tool for relaxation. 

It’s the best way to cool and hydrate them. These horse popsicles are very easy to make at home. They are generally made by the riders with the help of fruits and veggies, available in their kitchen. 

Sometimes beverages and juices of your horse’s choice are also used. Some horses are very choosy but some enjoy each and every flavor, which comes to them without any objection. 

They simply help in reducing the heat. Ice cubes are the most important components used in them.

Homemade Horse Popsicles

Popsicles are the cooling agents which have been used in hot and humid climates for ages. The traditional popsicles offered various flavors depending on the brand. 

Generally, they were bought from shops from time immemorial but nowadays people had developed their own techniques of making them at home. 

The horse popsicles sold in stores are highly contaminated by various agents and are prepared in unhygienic conditions as well. 

The laborers working in these factories mainly focus on the number of horse popsicles instead of quality. 

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They are not at fault as well because they have been pressurized by their owners to meet the deadlines. 

During the whole manufacturing process, they hardly wash the required materials properly. 

Sometimes mosquitoes and insects also fall in them.

These things affect our health greatly, causing various infectious problems in humans as well as in horses. 

That’s why homemade horse popsicles are now considered far better than those sold at shops. 

These benefits encourage most of the people to make them at home. Although, there is a little difference in the taste still homemade popsicles for horse are considered better for health. 

Also, we are able to choose ingredients according to our wishes. Dairy popsicles are generally not preferred for horses as fruits have more refreshing properties than dairy products. 

Generally, non-dairy products contain fruits, juices, and veggies. Some veg juices like lime, mints, etc are also used in little amounts just to add taste and flavor.

More Benefits of Homemade Horse Popsicles

There are various benefits of making popsicles at home. Some of them are:

  • Homemade horse popsicles are easy to make and are considered the most refreshing treats for both humans and animals, which develops the feeling of happiness and calmness.
  • While making these horse popsicles at home, many times the leftovers of the kitchen like old sauces, carrots that might go bad soon, yogurt of many days, old berries, etc are used.
horse popsicles
  • Homemade horse popsicles do not contain added or artificial flavors or chemicals, which is generally found in outdoor popsicles. 
  • Generally, natural ingredients are preferred more than any others.
  • Homemade horse popsicles greatly contribute to saving money, as we try to use only leftovers or fresh fruits or veggies available in our homes. Also, they are selected according to our choices and financial conditions. 
  • In this way, we have the opportunity to eliminate the disliked ingredients and include our favorite ones. The same is the case with animals. 
  • Try to make popsicles of their choice so that they can enjoy and feel overwhelmed.
  • They are very good and hygienic for health as we try to maintain the proper hygiene needed by our body.
  • They are eco-friendly as well.

How to store Horse Popsicles?

Sometimes we make popsicles for horse in advance and use it whenever it is needed. We all know that popsicles are very easily made at homes. Only the process of freezing takes time. 

It is not possible to freeze them in one or two hours. For best results, we have to keep them in the freezer for four to five hours.

Just after heavy training sessions and exercises, our horses need popsicles, it’s not possible to prepare them in such a short time. 

how to store popsicles

That’s why they are always prepared earlier.

In such cases, it becomes important to have the proper knowledge of storing them after their preparation. It’s not very easy to store them. 

They start melting easily, if not stored in a proper manner. So, a little effort and energy would surely contribute to making your horse popsicles more delicious and tastier.

Method of storage:

  • After removing horse popsicles from the popsicle molds, place all of them in a large baking sheet and fold them according to your own choice or simply place them in a plastic bag, once they are frozen, in order to avoid the melting process.
  • It’s the best way to store horse popsicles. The frozen popsicles are stored in a freezer for at least three months.
  • Always wrap the plastic carefully around the popsicles as it won’t allow the air to enter in them. 
  • If the air accidentally enters inside the popsicles then the popsicles will become hard like a solid block of ice.

Homemade Fruit Horse Popsicles

Homemade fruit horse popsicles are the most refreshing ones among the variety of flavors. They are commonly enjoyed by almost everyone. 

They crucially help in boosting the energy content in living beings

For their preparation, only two-three ingredients are needed like fresh fruits, some juices, and purees. After a day of fun in the sun, horses are being given treats in the form of popsicles and cold-water baths. 

Homemade fruit popsicles are easy to make but their freezing process takes a little time. We have to wait for it at any cost for this step.

Before the Preparation of Horse Popsicles

Before preparing any horse Popsicle, we have to be very careful about the ingredients. It is necessary to consult the equine nutritionists and gain proper knowledge about the ingredients, which are harmful for them. 

Also, it’s better to figure out their likes and make a list of them. This is possible only when you carefully observe their eating patterns and habits.

  • Some horses have a very selective nature while others like to eat whatever comes to them.  
  • The selective nature and habits of horses and mares are good from one perspective but are bad from others as well as their masters sometimes get irritated by their selective nature. 

That’s why it’s better to analyse their feeding habits and figure out their likes and dislikes. It makes the process of selection of fruits and veggies easier for you as well.

Using ingredients of their choice will increase their happiness manifolds. 

  • Also, try to figure out those plants and fruits which are fatal as well as harmful for your horses. 

Some horses are allergic to certain plants and food materials. We all have heard about the allergies of one or the other kind in our lifetime. 

Humans are also allergic to certain conditions or food items. 

It’s simply because our body didn’t accept some things or conditions easily but there are some people whose body accepts the same things very easily. 

We say that they are resistant to that situation or food item. 

In order to avoid complications, always try not to give them the products which are not accepted easily by their body as they will not only create problems for your horses but also for you. 

Your whole routine will get Disturbed and your horse would probably get stuck in an unpleasant situation.

Things to Avoid

Some plants and food items are not considered suitable for horses as well as for ponies as they create problem indigestion and impacts other organs of their body as well. 

Sometimes they are deadly and poisonous, resulting in deaths of the horses. Some horse nutritionists have also advised them to be avoided at any cost. 

Here are some of them which are not meant for horses and are generally avoided by their masters. 

  • Plants from cabbage family like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, etc
  • Plants from nightshade family like potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, etc, which are generally not fatal for horses but it causes unconsciousness, convulsions, and dilation
  • Fresh butter cups are also poisonous to horses when eaten in large quantities but dried butter cups are mostly harmless
  • Horse chestnut
  • Crabs eye 
  • Pheasants eye often found in hay
  • Red maple which contains toxic compounds like Gallic acid and tannings
  • Mustards
  • Male fern
  • Lychee, when ingested in more amounts, causes the death of horses 
  • Nardoo contains an enzyme which destroys vitamin b1 leading to brain damage in horses
  • Cherries, apricots, peaches, and plums
  • Wild radish 
  • Avocado
  • Castor beans 
  • Ground cherries
  • Caffeine food products

These plants are generally considered poisonous for equestrian animals. These kinds of plants cause reactions like laminitis, anemia, kidney failure, cyanide poising, etc. 

It’s not easy to diagnose whether the horses had eaten something toxic or not. 

Hungry and thirsty horses generally eat these kinds of poisonous plants in order to satisfy their need. Animals having mineral deficiencies are more likely to eat these poisonous plants. 

These poisonous plants have the capability to regrow very quickly than any other plant. Members of the genus prunus are often responsible for mare reproductive loss syndrome. 

It’s very important to have the proper knowledge about the poisonous plants and recognize them as well. It helps in keeping the horses healthy and fit.

How to make Homemade Horse Popsicles?

Materials required:

  • Knife for cutting fruits and veggies. Middle-sized and small cube sized pieces are generally preferred for making popsicles.
  • Chopping board for chopping food products
  • Ice cube trays for freezing the whole content
  • Popsicle mold for holding the liquid content. 

Popsicle molds come in a variety of sizes and shapes. It depends on the makers’ choice. Some people prefer to use glass shaped molds while others prefer to use small molds like ice cube trays. 

All of them have the same significance but there is a change in the shape of the popsicles only.  

The taste remains unaffected always. Variety of Materials like plastics, steel, aluminum, etc are used in the construction of popsicle molds. 

We can also replace the popsicle molds with small cups and plastic glasses, which are generally found in our homes. 

They also do the same job. Without these molds, it is impossible to make horse popsicles at home.

  • Strainer for straining various juices and liquids.
  • place of strainers, sometimes thin clothes or muslins are also used to strain various juices.
  • Mixer for crushing some of the veggies and fruits. 
  • Also, helps in mixing two or more fruit purees and juices in one another. Blenders are also preferred for making smooth purees of fruits.
  • Some strings or thin ropes for holding the Popsicles
  • Vegetables, fruits, and juices as ingredients
  • ·Refrigerator to freeze the horse popsicles. Freezing time depends heavily on the ingredients. 

Some ingredients melting point and freezing points are higher than others. So freezing overnight is the safest option.

Sometimes they also freeze in five to six hours but it’s not the case always.

  • Natural fruits are generally preferred for making horse popsicles instead of artificial flavors and juices. 

They are naturally sweetened that’s why they require little or no sugar while making horse popsicles. 

Lime juice or lemon is generally added to them to improve their texture. Fruit juices tend to melt slower than other ingredients. 

That’s why orange juices, apple sauces, mango juices, and other juices are considered the best ingredients for making these popsicles for horse. 

Thinly sliced fruits are also sometimes used in them to add flavor and texture. A combination of juice and puree also works well together. 


The above recipes would help you in preparing cool and fresh popsicles for your horses at home in a very easy manner. 

They would not only make your horse happy and cool but also gives you a pleasant feeling of amazement when you watch your horses enjoying after long and hectic rides in hot and humid climates. 

It probably refreshes your mood, as well as your horse’s mood and your horses, will become your companions very easily. 

It’s a treat to be remembered by your horses. Try to remember your horse’s choice while making these horse popsicles. 

They will feel more connected with you and will feel more comfortable with you as well. They expect the same care and loving attitude from you like those of humans.

That’s why these horse popsicles are best for improving your bonding with your animals and refreshing them.

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