Best Saddle Cinch 2021 –  Complete Review Guide

The saddle cinch is the most widely used equipment especially used by the horse riders in order to experience a smooth and safe ride.

They are basically used for supporting the saddle from time immemorial. From the past few years a large range and variety of saddle cinches are available in the market which makes the process of selection more complicated.

They help greatly in maintaining the balance of the horse as well as the rider, making the ride more thrilling and exciting. The best saddle cinch are those which maximizes air flow ,are easy to clean and makes the horse more comfortable.

Best Saddle Cinch - Top Choices

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
Weaver Leather Felt Lined Cinch with Roll Snug Cinch Bucklesaddle cinchsaddle cinchBuy Now
Total Saddle Fit - Shoulder Relief Cinch - Western Cinchsaddle cinchsaddle cinchBuy Now
Intrepid International Western Fleece Cinch Girthsaddle cinchsaddle cinchBuy Now
Weaver Leather Neoprene Smart Cinchsaddle cinchsaddle cinchBuy Now
Professionals Choice Equine Smx Western Cinchsaddle cinchsaddle cinchBuy Now
Weaver Leather Airflexsaddle cinchsaddle cinchBuy Now
Intrepid International Cinch-The Original Non Slip Girthsaddle cinchsaddle cinchBuy Now

Weaver Leather Saddle Cinch

Weaver Leather Felt Lined Smart girth with Roll Snug Cinch Buckle

Product PreviewProduct Price
saddle cinchsaddle cinchCheck Price


  • Affordable price
  • Stainless steel Buckles
  • Easy to use
  • Modern sleek design
  • Nylon made off billet holder


Weaver Leather Felt lined smart cinch is one of the best saddle cinches available in the market with two rust free buckles. 

It’s unique two roller buckles and snug technology helps in enhancing the quality of rides especially the professional rides.

They are highly durable and easily cinchable as compared to the other cinches. It comes in different sizes and are usually suitable for all kinds of saddles. Its rollers make the ride smoother and more enthusiastic. 


  • Available in four different kinds of materials i.e. Neoprene, Mohair blend, felt lined and Rayon, which makes the process of selection easier.
  • Some horses are comfortable with a particular type of material and this product is best for them as it allows the user to select accordingly.
  • Nylon billet has good specific strength that increases the security of the rider.


  • These saddle cinches have more complicated buckle designs which sometimes creates problem when not tied properly.

Saddle Cinch Shoulder Fit

Total Saddle Fit – Shoulder Relief Cinch – Western Cinch

Product PreviewProduct Price
saddle cinchsaddle cinchCheck Price


  • Shoulder relief cinch
  • Both wool and neoprene liners available
  • Extremely good quality leather used in cinch body
  • Interchangeable liners
  • More advanced design

Total saddle fit – shoulder relief cinch is brilliantly designed to fulfill the expectations of the user by allowing them to exchange the liners of their choice without changing the cinch body. One of the best saddle cinches available in the market.

An outstanding product gives an overwhelming result simply by amazing the user with its great qualities.

It is the most comfortable girth ever which not only allows free and smooth movement of shoulders under saddle but also the easy movement of elbows which makes the horse feel more comfortable while jumping and leaning.

Moreover, its reliability lies in its innovative design which will never allow anyone to regret after using this product. It gets fitted properly in most of the saddles.


  • It’s 100% wool fleece liner enhances the comfort level of the horses, protecting the skin from gall sores and irritation.
  • Very easily cleanable and interchangeable.


  • Due to its high cost, it’s not affordable for everyone.

Intrepid International Fleece Saddle Cinch

Product PreviewProduct Price
saddle cinchsaddle cinchCheck Price


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Easily adjustable
  • Reasonable price
  • Thick fleece under nylon layers
  • Rust free Dees

Intrepid International Western Fleece Cinch is made up of high-quality western Fleece which makes it ideal for longer usage. Constructed in such a way that it gets fitted in any sized horses. One of the best saddle cinch available on amazon.

The five layers of nylon are over heavy fleece which helps in increasing its durability and makes it superior from others. 

This girth is the most comfortable one which didn’t allow the saddle to slip. It’s  availability in many different sizes ,makes easier for the buyer to select.


  • Due to heavy fleece covering, there is no scope for any kind of irritation which makes it ideal for longer rides.
  • Five layers of nylon increases its life greatly.


  • Once the fleece gets mingled and dirty, it becomes difficult to clean and manage.

Neoprene Saddle Cinch

Neoprene Smart Cinch with Roll Snug Cinch Buckle

Product PreviewProduct Price
saddle cinchsaddle cinchCheck Price


  • Super light in weight
  • Available in two styles
  • Double roller unique buckle
  • Shock absorber

Weaver Leather Neoprene Smart saddle girth is another great commodity by weaver Leather which enhances the relationship between a rider and the horse. 

It’s improved rolling mechanism makes the ride more smoother and encouraging. It’s double rolling technique makes cinching more easier than before.

This product is creatively designed to keep the saddle intact in its own place. Thus , enhancing security as well as adjustment. Roper and straight are the two distinct style of this product, both of which are of extremely good quality.


  • Very easily cinchable due to its roll’s snug technology.
  • Due to availability of both roper and straight styles, it becomes easy to select according to your horse’s choice and comfort.


  • Nylon used in it has sticky in nature and is less absorber of sweat which may leads to discomfort many times.

Equine Smx Western Cinch

Product PreviewProduct Price
saddle cinchsaddle cinchCheck Price


  • Easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel center D- rings
  • Durable roller buckles
  • Improved bottom texture

Professionals Choice Equine Smx Western Cinch is widely known for its good quality in the market. The bottom of this best saddle cinch is so well designed that it holds a tight grip on the saddle, eventually making it non slippery and comfortable.

Discomfort is the key element which spoils many enjoying activities .so each and everyone desires to enjoy the whole experience without any hindrance. This saddle girth surely won’t allow any hindrance while riding and increases the pleasure manifolds.

Thus, making the ride a memorable one.

Moreover, it also solves various skin related issues like allergy that arises in horses while cinching. The various parts of the cinch are very easy separateable, which greatly helps in regular cleaning.


  • The neoprene provides extra lubrication and protects the skin of horses from bacterial infections and allergies.
  • Parts can be seperated and washed easily.
  • The unique bottom texture gives it an extra grip which fixes the saddle in appropriate place.


  • Neoprene is not resistant to oxidising acids and other chemicals which may lead to allergies in some horses.

Weaver Leather Airflex

Product PreviewProduct Price
saddle cinchsaddle cinchCheck Price


  • Innovative roper design
  • Unique airflow channel
  • Padded flex edges
  • Non absorber of heat
  • Rust free hardware

Weaver Leather Airflex is a great saddle cinch with extra padded flex edges, which enhances performance and does a great job in amazing riders. 

It is constructed by using a unique material called white cool flex foam, which doesn’t allow heat to absorb, preventing the heat from being trapped and enhances air circulation.


Its great roper design allows easy movement and transforms the ride into an exceptional one. The best quality materials are used in it for making it user friendly.


  • White cool flex foam is highly breathable, which makes air circulation easier and gives cooling effect while riding.


  • Its padded flex edges are not easy to dry, which gets sweated heavily during continuous and long rides.
  • During riding, it makes an irritating squeaky noise.

Intrepid International Saddle Cinch

Intrepid International Cinch-The Original Non Slip Girth

Product PreviewProduct Price
saddle cinchsaddle cinchCheck Price


  • Nylon cover with holes
  • Very easy to clean
  • Highly durable
  • Very strong and creative girth

Intrepid International Cinch – The original non stop slip girth is a very convenient and outstanding product, with a more innovative girth. This innovative design represents a more recent technology with its power packed performance and style. One of the best saddle cinch available.

A completely different commodity which doesn’t absorbs moisture at all. Thus making it suitable for use in wet seasons as well. It is a very easily manageable cinch which allows the user to use it for long hours. 

It’s stainless steel hardware, strong interior and hole containing nylon mesh exterior makes it one of the best saddle cinches. It is absolutely perfect for different kinds of rides.


  • It’s strong interior and rubber mesh exterior increases its durability manifolds.


  • Since nylon is not a good absorber of water, it won’t absorb sweat as well which when used for long hours will cause gall sores or allergies on the skin.

Saddle Cinches

Saddle cinches are those accessories which keeps the saddle of horses and other animals in its original place, withstanding the repeated force behind horse’s movement and prevents sliding of both the rider and the saddle.

  • Its main function is to tie down the saddle tightly in order to avoid accidents.
  • The main material which attaches the saddle cinch to the saddle is billet, which is present on both sides of the horse. 
  • Generally, the cinch passes under the barrel of the horse. 

The saddle cinches are available in various designs, colours and are made up of different types of materials like neoprene, nylon, string cotton, mohair, leather etc.


  • Mohair is easier to maintain as it dries faster as compared to others and is easy to maintain.
  • There are two major types of saddle cinches that is the front cinch and the back cinch.
  • The front saddle cinch is the main cinch which support the saddle while the back cinch is used only in western riding for the purpose of extra security.

The western saddle Cinches basically comes in two styles i.e. the straight saddle cinch and the roper style saddle cinch. Roper style is the latest one which gives more security against jerks

Advantages of saddle cinch

Saddle cinches are mainly used for making the rides more safe and secure. Saddle Cinch improves the comfort level of the horses by keeping them cool and sweat free.

The best saddle cinches also make the process of air circulation easier in order to give cooling effect to the horse and prevents dirt’s and germs from sticking on the skin of horses which may lead to allergies and infections afterwards.

It also provides a proper grip, which doesn’t allow the saddle and the rider to fall. Thus, making the ride more balancing and fabulous.

Selection of appropriate Saddle Cinch

Selection of appropriate saddle cinches is necessary for maintaining the comfort level of the horses. Back pains and dysfunction are the key problems faced by the horses. Recently a study suggests that 25% of the horses suffer from back related problems, which eventually leads to poor performance.

  • While selecting the saddle cinches, the saddles Design and size of the horse is the key things which should be kept in mind.
  • Proper cinching is also necessary for a comfortable and a memorable ride.
  • Cinching on its own is an art, which primarily includes the proper analysis of the saddle cinches.

It requires great effort to select an appropriate saddle cinch in this product ridden world where money is not an issue anymore and only the top-quality products are demanded by the customers.

The best saddle is those which wicks away sweat, prevents allergies or rub sores and fits properly.

Maintenance of saddle cinch

Proper maintenance and regular cleaning are very important for the longer life of the saddle cinches.

  • Proper washing is necessary to avoid infections like allergies and gall sores.
  • While washing it should be kept in mind to remove soap particles properly so that it could not create any irritation on the skin of the horse.
  • Saddle Cinch should be washed frequently whenever it starts looking dirty.
  • Also dry the saddle cinch properly after long rides as the sweat will damage the product in no time.
  • So, it’s extremely important to dry it under sun before storing it.
  • The saddle should be oiled on a regular basis for extra comfort of the horse.

These basic things will lead to an enjoyable and pleasurable ride.

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