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Equestrian activities have played a significant role in human civilization as it is considered one of the most adventurous activities since the very beginning. 

Horses always shared a great connection with humans and had fascinated many people from different parts of the world. We use them for recreational as well as professional purposes.

Like any other living being, horses also need certain accessories for comfort and grooming, which should be met to maintain their health and fitness. Saddle Blankets are one of them which serves this purpose very well. 

A Saddle Blanket is usually a Saddlecloth used as a supporting material by the riders and saddle cinches, pads, and saddles.

The Skin of any living being is the most sensitive part which needs extra care and maintenance as they are more prone to infections. Saddle Blankets serves this purpose of protecting the Skin of the horses from harsh weather and specks of dirt.

It comes in between the Saddle and Skin, protecting the Skin from irritation and allergies caused by the rubbing saddles. Saddle blanket mainly absorbs moisture, cushions the Saddle, and solves minor misfit problems. Blankets are the best accessories that prevent chaffing in horses.

Best Saddle Blankets - Top picks

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
All Weather Camping Blanket with Rainproof/Windproof Backing Warm Activitiessaddle blanketsaddle blanketBuy Now
Tough 1 Wool Sierra Saddle Blanketsaddle blanketsaddle blanketBuy Now
Mayatex Cowtown Saddle Blanketsaddle blanketsaddle blanketBuy Now
Mayatex San Juan Solid Saddle Blanketsaddle blanketsaddle blanketBuy Now
Navajo Ancient Design Saddle Blankets Hand Woven saddle blanketsaddle blanketBuy Now
HILASON Made in USA Western Wool Shock Buster Saddle Blanket Padsaddle blanketsaddle blanketBuy Now
Mayatex Ramrod Doubleweave Saddle Blanketsaddle blanketsaddle blanketBuy Now
Mayatex Haymaker Saddle Blanketsaddle blanketsaddle blanketBuy Now
Tough 1 Thunderbird Double Weave Saddle Blanketsaddle blanketsaddle blanketBuy Now
Mayatex Catalina Saddle Blanketsaddle blanketsaddle blanketBuy Now

All Weather Camping Saddle Blanket with Rainproof

Product PreviewProduct Price
saddle blanketsaddle blanketCheck Price


  • Its extra-large size helps in making it perfect for different kinds of horses perfect for outdoors like picnics, stadiums, campings, beaches, etc
  • Both rainproof and windproof, which makes it a highly recommendable product 
  • Best Blanket for unusual and harsh weathers
  • Warm and extra cosy, which gives the rider as well as the horse more pleasure
  • This Blanket is perfect for emergency and is commonly known as Emergency blankets
  • It’s an excellent quality product with extra softness
  • Available at a very reasonable price


  • Its unique double proof technology makes it possible for everyone to ride and enjoy without annoying in any weather
  • Best Blanket for tiring longer rides
  • Needs less maintenance as compared to others
  • Easily fits in any saddle 
  • Easily washable


  • The polyester nylon combination sometimes creates rashes and irritation on the Skin of the horses
  • The Blanket base doesn’t absorb much sweat, which sometimes leads to sliding and slipping of saddles.

Tough 1 Wool Sierra Saddle Blankets

Product PreviewProduct Price
saddle blanketsaddle blanketCheck Price


  • The pattern is traditional and exceptional.
  • Available in two attractive colours, i.e. taupe and black 
  • This product is neither too heavy nor too light. 
  • Best for daily use 
  • Loomed with hands instead of machine
  • Size is appropriate for medium-sized horses.


  • This moderately thick Blanket gives extra cushioning to various saddle pads 
  • Its stunning pattern is perfect for decoration as well as identification purposes 
  • Easily cleanable and washable and didn’t look old after much use
  • They are highly durable


  • This wool blanket is not quickly dried and takes much time to dry after every wash
  • Wool doesn’t allow the heat to escape, which sometimes irritates the Skin of the horses.

Mayatex Cowtown Saddle Blanket

Product PreviewProduct Price
saddle blanketsaddle blanketCheck Price


  • Constructed by using high-quality New Zealand wool
  • It is a heavy weighed show blanket available in various colours
  • It has been made by taking inspiration from the southwest. Both the design and the colour resembles southwest patterns
  • Its Mayatex exceptional design is the key feature which makes it more demanding


  • These saddle blankets are made by hands and are tightly woven to enhance the durability period
  • Its absorption capacity is very high as wool absorbs moisture very well and prevents slippage due to sweat
  • This wool blanket reduces friction between the Saddle and back of the horse


  • This Blanket needs proper maintenance and care while washing and cleaning

Mayatex San Juan Solid Best Saddle blanket

Product PreviewProduct Price
saddle blanketsaddle blanketCheck Price


  • This western Blanket is made by superior quality wool named New Zealand wool San Juan 
  • It is highly durable 
  • This thick Blanket serves its purpose of protecting the horse’s Skin from various kinds of galling from the very beginning
  • Perfectly matches with the western saddles
  • Its dense hem provides extra comfort to the horses and gaining confidence
  • Straight hems are easily washable, and there is no curling 


  • Available in fascinating colours
  • Natural New Zealand wool has the capability of wicking away maximum moisture and provides space for easy air circulation processes
  • These blankets are woven very tightly for serving its real purpose
  • Available at a very reasonable price


  • Proper cleaning techniques are required to increase durability and washing 
  • Washing these wool blankets with a bar of soap will degrade them very quickly as wool has the property of retaining soap particles in it
  • The Colour of this Blanket fades very quickly if proper precautions are not taken while washing

Navajo Ancient design Saddle Blankets Handwoven

Product PreviewProduct Price
saddle blanketsaddle blanketCheck Price


  • Available in a variety of vibrant and catchy colour combinations
  • This ancient design saddle blanket looks very stylish and fabulous 
  • They are made from acrylic 
  • This classic style saddle blanket perfectly fits on thicker saddle pads 
  • It’s lightweight and larger size makes it user friendly


  • It’s unique tightly woven structure increases its life span
  • Its double layer of acrylic makes increases its durability and strength
  • If this Blanket is appropriately washed according to the instructions given, it’s colour won’t fade and will look more attractive like a brand new product for years 
  • It’s exciting to design patterns makes it perfect for decoration purposes


  • The acrylic material used in its construction are not easily adjustable according to the withers shape
  • It starts smelling very quickly when used for long hours, even after drying

HILASON Western New Zealand Wool Horse Saddle Blanket

Product PreviewProduct Price
saddle blanketsaddle blanketCheck Price


  • It is a single-layered thin blanket
  • Pure New Zealand wool is used for constructing these blankets 
  • It’s an elegant and attractive design makes it different from other blankets


  • Very easily washable 
  • Available at a very reasonable price 
  • This Blanket is used for multiple purposes


  • The genuine distressed wear leather needs extra care as it gets spoiled quickly and are more prone to cracks

Mayatex Ramrod Double Weave Saddle Blanket

Product PreviewProduct Price
saddle blanketsaddle blanketCheck Price


  • Perfect for regular use 
  • Available in twelve different kinds of rich


  • The design is beautiful as well as eye-catchy
  • Its tight weave increases its durability period
  • They are mainly constructed from acrylic fibres 
  • Measurement: 32 inches and 64inches


  • This Blanket is easy to wash and dry
  • It’s durability and functionality increases with time 
  • It’s Exceptional as well as exclusive Mayatex design attracts a large no of customers towards it


  • These blankets are poor absorber of moisture as acrylic is a lousy insulator  

Mayatex Haymaker Saddle Blankets

Product PreviewProduct Price
saddle blanketsaddle blanketCheck Price


  • Its unique weaving design makes it different from others.
  • Available in three striking colours, i.e. black, cream, and taupe
  • It is a thin blanket that serves its purpose best when used with saddle pads. 
  • Made of pure, high-quality New Zealand wool
  • Size 38 ×34 inches


  • It’s finishing is done in such a way that it won’t curl easily even after prolonged use
  • It’s a tight weave, and good quality wool makes it more durable and long-lasting
  • Its moderate weight makes it suitable for various other purposes as well
  • It also possesses good insulation capability


  • These blankets are not suitable for wet seasons as it takes a lot of time in drying 

Tough 1 Thunderbird Double Weave Saddle Blankets

Product PreviewProduct Price
saddle blanketsaddle blanketCheck Price


  • Available in various vibrant colours like Red, Black, and Cream
  • Hands very creatively weave it
  • Acrylic yarn is used in a blended form for its construction 
  • Its double weave makes it a heavy blanket
  • Measurement: 32×32 inches


  • It’s an attractive, beautiful, and an eye-catchy product 
  • It can be used for other purposes as well like mats, rugs, as a sound absorber, etc
  • Easily washable and dries quickly
  • It’s lightweight, and wool-like softness provides the comfort level wished by the riders 


  • This Blanket heats up very quickly during summer days, which irritates the horses due to radiation of heat instead of cooling them
  • It absorbs less moisture as compared to other blankets
  • Its durability period is low as it requires regular and proper care

Mayatex Catalina Saddle Blanket

Product PreviewProduct Price
saddle blanketsaddle blanketCheck Price


  • Available in four dull colours, which looks less ugly when used for a long time or gets messed up with dust
  • It is an innovatively designed show blanket
  • Perfect for show-stopping performances
  • high-quality wool is used for weaving this Blanket
  • It has a unique colour patterns
  • Designed to fit under western saddles


  • It is a large blanket which perfectly suits almost all kinds of horses
  • This Blanket absorbs moisture readily during heavy training sessions
  • They are environment friendly
  • The New Zealand wool used in its construction is resistant to dirt and does not gets curled easily


  • It requires proper maintenance and care to increase its life and maintain the hygiene of both horse as well as the rider
  • It shrinks when washed and dried in the machine
  • Price is comparatively higher than other blankets 

More about Saddle Blankets

In earlier times, there were many substitutes for saddles. Saddle Blankets are used in place of saddles, but nowadays, and saddle Blankets are used with saddle pads for achieving the highest level of satisfaction and pleasure. 

Both of them are used for protection, cushioning the horse’s back and cooling down the horses.

The cooling factor depends on the material used for constructing these saddle Blankets. 

Sometimes, the saddle Blankets are referred to as “saddle clothes.” Saddle Blankets are a rectangular piece of cloth that adds style and elegance to the pad. 

The thickness of the saddle Blankets also varies depending on the number of layers a blanket has. Double-layered blankets are thicker than the single-layered ones. Lighter ones are mainly used for decorative purposes. 

Saddle Blankets are used with various kinds of saddles to solve minor fitting issues. Saddle Blankets alone won’t serve this purpose. The best saddle Blankets are those who absorb the maximum amount of shock and moisture. 

They also serve the purpose of identification and decoration. The saddle Blankets have evolved, and now there are various blankets available in the market possessing unique styles, colour patterns, and sizes and are made from different fabrics. 

In racehorses, square clothes are used under the Saddles for identification purposes.

Selection of Appropriate Saddle Blankets

Horse riding is not an easy task. It demands a lot of patience and effort to train the horses in various disciplines and take care of basic needs like health, hygiene, etc. 


Then only the desired performance would be achieved. Proper selection of accessories is necessary to maintain the quality and comfort while riding. 


A saddle Blanket, like any other equipment, is an essential accessory that should be carefully selected. The best Saddle blankets protect the back of the horses from various kinds of allergies and infections. 


The material of the Blanket should be appropriately analyzed before purchasing. These days, various kinds of materials are used to construct these blankets, and each one possesses some of the other qualities. 


These materials are wool, linen, fleece, woven hair, felt and many others. Though each fabric has its pros and cons, the best one possesses the least cons. 


That’s why only those fabrics are preferred, which are soft, have adequate absorption capacity and are easy to clean. Most of the natural fibres contain these properties. 


So natural fibres are the best fabrics to be preferred which almost suits every kind of horses and prevents irritation of Skin. Skin is the most sensitive part of the body, which are more prone to specks of dust and weather changes leading to severe allergies. 


That’s why the appropriate selection is necessary. Wool is the best fabric among natural fibres for making saddle Blankets as it is the softest fabric, which gets quickly sewed. 


Its edges don’t unravel easily like other fabrics. It also allows for the easy circulation of air.


Synthetic materials are prepared from chemicals, and these chemicals sometimes react with the sweat absorbed in the blankets, thus creating various Skin related issues and discontentment. 


For best results, two or more kind of materials are combined to improve the quality. Selection of Saddle blankets also depends on the type of discipline you are choosing.

Designs of saddle Blankets:

In earlier times, the saddle Blankets are the only piece of types of equipment used by the riders to protect both the rider, from falling as well as the horse’s back, from muscle pains and damage. 


At that time, Saddle Blankets alone played the role of saddles, Saddle pads and blankets but in the past few years many safety types of equipment are introduced in the equestrian world, where each equipment plays it’s own part and has its function.


There are a variety of saddle designs available in the market, and it’s better to choose saddle Blankets according to the Saddles design. 


Saddle Blankets cover a specific portion of the horse’s back and are generally used with western saddles, Australian stock saddles, English saddles and many more designs of saddles. 


The standard stock saddle clothes are usually rectangular or square and come in a variety of colours as well. Sometimes, these blankets are colour coordinated with the rider’s attire.


A unique hybrid design is in trend these days which serves the purpose of the saddle blanket as well as the horse’s Blanket as the styles of both are mixed to form a new design, commonly known as a quarter sheet. 


This hybrid Blanket is large and are placed under the Saddle, which covers the horse from shoulder to hip. These blankets are suitably used in winters to provide to keep the horse warm and prevent stiffening of muscles. 


Muscles get stiff in cold weather seasons, and this Blanket serves the best purpose of loosening the muscles.

Advantages of Saddle Blankets:

Every product has its value and significance. Saddle blanket also serves some specific purposes, and its use is beneficial to the riders in one or the other way. 


The Saddle blankets not only supports the Saddle by holding it on its proper place but also preserves the horse’s back from different kinds of irritations and harsh weathers, that happens when an inappropriate and unfitted Saddles are used during trail rides.


It also reduces friction produced by rubbing of the Saddle upon the Skin. Friction produces heat and heat leads to shocks which get absorbed only by good saddles and Saddle blankets. 


The best blankets absorb maximum moisture during heavy sweating sessions and allow an appropriate amount of air circulation which could relax the horses. 


Saddles fitness is the most important thing to be kept in mind. Careful observation of the horse’s behaviour and attitude gives clues about painful Saddle fit. 


An improper saddle fails to distribute the rider’s weight evenly, leading to specific serious problems like rub marks, white Saddle spots, etc. The saddle Blankets generally gives support to these kinds of misfit saddles.

Maintenance of Saddle Blankets

Saddle Blankets are a specialized piece of cloth and a vital accessory used in equestrian activities. These blankets require proper maintenance and regular care. 


The functionality and durability of these blankets should be enhanced by following an appropriate cleaning schedule. 


  • Washing, dusting and drying are essential stages of this schedule but overwashing the product damages the fabric.
  • For best results, wash every 60 to 90 days and avoid bleaching agents and hard water.
  • Cleaning heavier blankets are not accessible. It is done in a stepwise manner. 


  • First of all, shed the extra fur then brush it properly to remove dust and horse hairs. 
  • Hose it in the end.
  • Detergents used for washing them needs to be selected carefully.
  •  It’s better to choose detergent specifically made for sensitive skin as it won’t irritate other skin types as well. 
  • Coldwater is more preferable over hot and stock water as it prevents them from shrinking, and the quality of the product won’t get deteriorated quickly as well. 
  • Small vacuums work well in removing dust particles and horse hairs from the Blanket. 
  • Lightweight blankets are easily washed in washing machines, but generally, it’s not better to wash it in ordinary machines used at homes as it will get jammed by the horse’s hair and dust particles. 
  • It’s not suitable to wash all light-weighted blankets in machines. It’s better to follow the instructions that come with the product. 
  • Fabric softeners are the temporary softeners which temporarily softens the product; at the same time decreases the blankets moisture wicking capacity when used regularly. 


So, it’s better to avoid them.


  • Thorough cleaning of the Blanket is done by soaking the article for an hour. 
  • Proper drying is also needed to save the product from rotting.
  • After washing, the blankets should be adequately dried in open air and shade, not in direct sunlight.
  • Direct Sunlight contains harmful UV rays in it, and this largely contributes to damaging the product.
  • A clean blanket is necessary to maintain the health and hygiene of the horses.
  • Regular maintenance also helps in maintaining the shape of the Blanket.

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