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Best Mane Comb For Horse 2020 – Achieve Beautiful Mane and Tail

Best Mane Comb 2020 – Complete Review Guide

The mane of a horse is the hair that grows from the top of its neck and reaches the withers which is the highest part of the back at the base of the neck. 

  • It is thicker and rougher than the hair on the rest of its coat.
  • It grows naturally and covers the neck. 
  • It helps to keep the neck warm and helps water in running off it during rain. 
  • It also helps to provide protection from flies though the horse normally uses its tail against the flies.

Best Mane Comb 2020

Metal Mane Comb

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Metal Mane CombCheck Price

Traditional Pulling Metal Mane Comb is a traditional comb used on the horses for a long time. 

  • It has short teeth which help in removing he tangles from the mane easily. 
  • It is easy to use as it has a double metal pulling. 
  • The comb moves through the mane in a gentle manner and gets rid of all the tangles without damaging the hair. 
  • It is small in size and can fit in a pocket. 
  • It is great value for money. One of the best mane comb available in the market.

Roma Pattern Mane Comb

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This is a beautifully designed mane comb useful for combing the long mane of the horse. 

  • It is available in one size. 
  • It has short evenly spaced teeth which are gentle on the mane and help in removing the tangles easily. 
  • Its light weight and easily manageable. 

Wahl Grooming Mane and Tail Brush

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Wahl Grooming Mane and Tail BrushCheck Price
  • It is a very effective brush which helps to detangle the mane and tail easily. 
  • It doesn’t damage the hair as it has ball mouldings at the end of the bristles. 
  • These help in reducing the split hairs and do not damage the skin. 
  • It is made of plastic bristles, which reduce damage to the hair and gently pass through it getting rid of the knots thus help in achieving effortless combing. 
  • The handle is easy to hold and has a non-slip soft grip. One of the best mane comb available in 2020.

OSTER Mane and Tail Brush

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OSTER ECS Mane and Tail BrushCheck Price
  • The brush has a round surface with evenly distributed teeth that help in giving a smooth comb to the mane. 
  • The teeth help to loosen the tangles and not break or damage the hair. 
  • The brush has a rubber handle which is sturdy and ergonomically designed with a curved thumb rest. 
  • The brush comes with a beautiful leather hanger which helps to hang it anywhere within reach. 
  • It ensures the animal has a well-groomed look. Best Mane comb to ensure beautiful hair and tail.

Grooming Glove for Tail & Mane

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grooming gloveCheck Price
  • The brush has plastic bristles and has a sturdy hard wearing plastic handle.
  • The Grooming glove has a soft grip and is gentle on the mane and tail of the horses.
  • The easy grip handle is strong and goes through the tangled hair easily.
  • It is available in many colours and is great value for money.

Metal Pulling Mane Comb with Wooden Handle

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Metal Pulling Mane Comb with Wooden HandleCheck Price
  • This is a metal pulling comb which has a wooden handle. 
  • The wooden handle makes it comfortable and easy to grip the comb while combing the mane. 
  • It helps to remove all the tangles from the mane and is gentle on the animal. 
  • The short teeth of the comb make it easy to get rid of the tangles and give it the ease in use.

Most horses have variation in the length and thickness of their mane. There are some breeds which have very long ones coming down to their knees. 

Ponies usually have very thick manes, while donkeys have very thin ones.

The mane of the horse should be kept in good condition. It should be kept untangled and without any debris and dirt. 

Horses having short manes should be groomed by a mane comb to help remove their tangles, while those with longer manes are groomed with a stiff brush.  

Those with very long manes have to be untangled with fingers and hands.

Normally long manes are braided to help prevent them from breaking. 

Before a horse show the long mane is properly groomed with shampoo and conditioner to help give them a fuller, shiner and wavy look.

How to Take Care of the Mane?

Care of the mane is a very important aspect of grooming of the horses. It is the crown of the horse and needs proper care. 

If care is not given to the hair it can cause irritation to the animal and also be bad for the roots. 

The animals tend to rub their necks against anything just to get relief from the irritation and this prevents the hair from growing longer, thicker and healthier.

Mane Washing

  • This is very important as it gets rid of the debris and dirt before braiding the mane.  
  • Proper shampooing is very important part of cleaning the hair. 
  • Shampooing should be done on the roots rather than the ends of the mane. 
  • Rinse the hair properly to remove all the suds as it can cause itchiness. 
  • After a thorough wash wait for the mane to dry up completely before it is brushed and then braided.

Select the Correct Tool

  • Selecting the correct tool is very important before you start untangling the mane. 
  • Brushes are good for removing the debris and mud out of the hair while mane combs are used to pull out the loose hair and work on the tangles.

Brushing the Mane

  • This should be done gently and one must take time out for brushing the mane. 
  • A good quality brush should be used for brushing it. 
  • Generally brushes with wider bristles is beneficial for removing the debris. 
  • A proper technique should be applied otherwise the mane can get ripped out.

Technique for Brushing

  • Untangle it: Remove all the big knots and snarls from the mane, with your hands before you attempt brushing it. The hands help straighten the locks and you prepare it before brushing.
  • De-tangler spray: Coat the mane with a fine mist of the de-tangler spray. The spray should be light so that it doesn’t soak or saturate the hair because this can make brushing a difficult proposition.
  • Start at the ends: It is very important to use the correct technique for brushing as one is likely to damage the hair. As snarls and knots generally occur at the top of the mane if one starts brushing from the top he is likely to pull and break the hair as the brush tries to remove the knots on its way down. The best is to remove them with hand and start brushing the hair downwards. Slowly move up by 6-8 inches always moving the brush in the downward motion. This is a long and a tiring process but it helps to protect the mane in the long way.
  • Pressure: Always apply just about enough pressure so that the brush is able to loosen the dead hair and dirt from the area close to the skin.
  • Separate the top: Once you are closer to the top while brushing and removing the knots the hair becomes thicker. It is best separated into sections for easier brushing. Once a particular section is done brush the other section and keep repeating till the full mane is done.
  • Brush under the mane: Some horses have very thick mane and so it’s important to brush from underneath. When you brush underneath the main you will come across a large number of knots, remember to separate the hair into still smaller sections and brush them thoroughly. Always remove the knots with your hands and not the brush.


  • If the horse has a very thick mane and it is unmanageable it is advised to thin it out. 
  • Thinning should be done uniformly and with the help of a trained groomer. 
  • Pulling of hair is a very painful process if not done correctly. A metal mane comb is used for thinning the mane. 
  • It also helps to get rid of all the loose hair in the mane.


  • Braiding helps to manage the mane and keep it in proper shape and less tangled. 
  • While braiding care should be taken as to hoe tight the braid is and where are the hair on the body. 
  • If the braid near the withers is tight it can cause large amount of discomfort as the horse stretches and bends most there. 
  • The common braids are hunter braid, running braid and continental braid. 
  • Each style has its own need and is used at different times and for different horses. 
  • It is important to remember that braids have to be removed after the show or performance because if they are left for a long time the hair will break and tangle up leaving the horse with a frizzy, uneven and tangled mane.

Correct Side for Mane

  • Mostly if the mane is lying on the right side or the offside as it is considered is the correct side to keep the brushed mane. 
  • For show horses properly groomed Mane is a must. 
  • If the mane is maintained on the right side it helps the animal work better and during performance it helps to give a neater and well-groomed look.

Thus a horse coat and hair like humans needs a lot of care to remain in a good and presentable condition. Hair growth and its condition is related to the genetic conditions and the environment in which he lives. 

Mane comb and brushes help to maintain the hygiene of the hair and give a presentable look to the animal. The glory of a well-groomed horse is his full and healthy mane. 

Thus to achieve this one has to take extra care.


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