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Best Horse Saddle 2020 – Complete Review Guide

Best Horse Saddle Review

A saddle is a supportive article designed for a rider or any other load and is secured to a horse’s back. Ideally, you can attach a saddle to a number of animals such as oxen or camels but it is most commonly used by horse riders. It is not known when the first saddle or some sort of padding was used for horse riding (aka Equestrianism).

However, horse saddles have really evolved over time and today, they come in a wide variety of styles, each designed for specific riders, and require careful fit to the rider and the horse. 

This article will not only help you decide what to consider while purchasing a best horse saddle but also take you through the best horse saddles available in the market.

Best Horse Saddle 2020​

AceRugs Leather Horse Saddle

AceRugs Western Leather Horse Saddle

Product PreviewProduct Price
AceRugs Western Leather Horse SaddleCheck Price


  • 100% Thick Premium Leather
  • Colour: Antique Oil
  • Fee Headstall, Reins, and Breast Collar
  • Hand Carved Floral & Basket Weave Tooling
  • Wood Base Tree Wrapped in Fiber glass


  • Seat: 14 – 18”
  • Gullet: 7” FQHB
  • Skirt: 24 – 28”
  • Horn: 3.5”
  • Swell: 12”
  • Cantle: 5”
  • Stirrups: 30 – 40”
  • Weight: Approx. 24 lbs.

Our first option is surely one of the best horse saddle available in the market today and that is definitely evident after you take a look at the attention to detail on the saddle. The intricate details are made more vibrant by the fact that they are hand crafted and give the saddle an antique yet classic look. The design of the saddle does not take away the comfort and durability that it offers to you.

The black seat is densely padded and is coated with an elegantly crafted premium 100% leather. It is perfect for long trails as well as recreational activities for the whole family. For a limited time only, it comes with a bunch of free accessories such as matching headstall, reins, and breast collar.

Black Hand Leather Saddle

Black Hand Carved Western Leather Barrel Racing Pleasure

Product PreviewProduct Price
Black Hand Carved Western Leather Barrel Racing Pleasure​Check Price


  • 100% Premium Leather
  • Hand Carved Tooling
  • Free Headstall, Reins, and Breast Collar Included
  • Well Padded Fleece Underside
  • Well Balanced Fiber glass and Wood Tree

Dimensions –

  • Seat: 15 – 18″
  • Gullet: 7″ FQHB x 7 1/4″ High (can accommodate higher withers)
  • Skirt: 22 – 25″
  • Cantle: 5″
  • Horn: 3″
  • Swell: 13″
  • Stirrups: 30 – 37″ with room for adjustments
  • Weight: Approx. 22 lbs.

Another great product by AceRugs made from 100% premium quality genuine leather and it is a prime example of how horse saddles were supposed to be made. The densely padded seat is designed to make your ride as comfortable as possible and also provide support to your rear and spine. 

Some other unique features of this saddle are the Wood Base & Fiber glass Tree that will ensure durability and flexibility. The hand carved floral tooling on the saddle makes it a unique product bound to make people be awed. 

Complementary accessories include Headstall, Reins, and Breast Collar.

Wintec Western Horse Saddle

Wintec Full Quarter Western Horse Saddle

Product PreviewProduct Price
Wintec Full Quarter Western Horse SaddleCheck Price


  • Cheyenne roll styled in a square skirt and double fender format
  • Quick Change Buckles
  • Completely Weatherproof – Can be ridden in all weather conditions
  • Hard-wearing Equileather Fenders
  • Equisuede seat provides premium comfort and a perfect level of grip


  • Cantle: 3 1/3″
  • Seat Sizes: 15″, 16″, 17″
  • Seat Width: 191/2″ x 71/2″
  • Gullet: 63/4″W x 73/4″H
  • Bars: Full Quarter
  • Horse Swell: 121/2″
  • Horn: Height: 3″; Cap: 2″
  • Rigging: 7/8 position
  • Stirrups: 2″ x 7″
  • Skirt: 28″L x 14″D
  • Fenders: 191/2″L (from middle of seat to top of tread) with 7 adjustments each 11/2″ apart Saddle
  • Weight: 18 – 21 lb. (determined by saddle size)

This is a fairly simple yet elegant solution to your saddle needs. It comes with a five-year warranty which goes to show the trust that the manufacturer has entrusted this product with. The best horse saddle is made with a synthetic leather which makes it extremely convenient to maintain and manage. 

Due to the material, the weight of the horse saddle gets comparatively reduced and is hence very lightweight and painless on the back of a horse.

AceRugs Racing Horse Saddle

AceRugs Western Trail Barrel Racing Horse Saddle​
Product PreviewProduct Price
AceRugs Western Trail Barrel Racing Horse SaddleCheck Price

Highlights – 

  • Colour: Blue, Red, Pink, Black, Green, Purple, Brown
  • Synthetic Cordura Material
  • Soft Padded Seat
  • Soft Synthetic Fleece Underside
  • Double Reinforced Fiber glass Tree

Dimensions – 

  • Gullet: 7” FQHB
  • Cantle: 5”
  • Horn: 3”
  • Swell: 12”
  • Skirt: 24.5 – 28.5”
  • Stirrups: 28 – 38”
  • Weight: Approx. 18 lbs.

This horse saddle is a great budget friendly option and comes in seven colours and five sizes so it can be customized according to your preferences. It is also extremely lightweight and is extremely easy to clean and maintain in the brand-new condition it comes in. 

For a limited time only, one of the best horse saddle also comes with a large band of complementary accessories such as matching headstall, reins, breast collar and pad.

Silver Leather Horse Saddle

Cowgirl Racing Silver Leather Horse Saddle ​
Product PreviewProduct Price
Cowgirl Racing Silver Leather Horse Saddle ​Check Price

Highlights –

  • Hand Carved Floral Tooling
  • Free Headstall, Reins, and Breast Collar
  • 100% Genuine Leather
  • Colour: Medium Oil
  • Well-Padded Fleece Underside

Dimensions – 

  • Seat: 15 – 16”
  • Gullet: 6.5”
  • SQHB x 7 ¼” High: can handle higher withers
  • Skirt: 26 – 27”
  • Horn: 3”
  • Swell: 12”
  • Cantle: 5”
  • Stirrups: 28 to 38” with room for alterations
  • ·       Weight: Approx. 25 lbs

This horse saddle is a very special one and is one we are proud to present. A beautiful and classic design and it even has the words ‘cowgirl up’ on it, promoting girl power. It is designed specifically for women but of course in today’s day and age everyone is more than welcome to purchase it.

The best horse saddle comes in a beautiful colour and is made with 100% genuine leather. The cantle features a raw hide and silver trim and the horn is leather wrapped with a well-padded underside to keep your horse comfortable throughout the ride. 

You will find a variety of complimentary gifts with this purchase – matching headstall, reins, and breast collar making it the perfect choice for all riders.

Double T Horse Saddle Set

Double T Saddle Set with Cowgirl up Engraved Silver​
Product PreviewProduct Price
Cowgirl Racing Silver Leather Horse Saddle ​Check Price

Highlights –

  • Oak leaf tooling
  • Pink crystal rhinestone conchos
  • Vintage Design

Dimensions –

  • Size : 15, 16
  • Bars: Full Quarter horse
  • Gullet:7″ Tree: Wood Tree Fiber glass Covered
  • Horn: 3″
  • Swell: 12″ Skirts: 12.5″ x 26.5″
  • Cantle: 4″ Stirrup Adjustment: 34″ – 41″ extra holes can be added if needed
  • Weight: 25 lbs.

This horse saddle comes in a very unique and vintage design that you will not find too often making it one of the most premium saddles available in the market. The crystal rhinestone conchos are true highlights of the saddle and help to make it standout and compete with its pears. 

This best horse saddle comes equipped with a medium oak leaf tooled skirt with a serpentine tooled border.

AceRugs Texas Horse Saddle

AceRugs Texas Silver Horse Barrel Saddle ​
Product PreviewProduct Price
AceRugs Texas Silver Horse Barrel Saddle ​Check Price


  • Color: Brown
  • Soft padded seat
  • Free Headstall, reins, Breast Collar
  • Soft fleece underside eliminates pressure points.
  • Strong double reinforced fiber glass tree


  • Size: 15-18″
  • Gullet: 7″ FQHB
  • Cantle: 4.5″
  • Horn: 3″
  • Swell: 12″
  • Skirt: 25-28″
  • Stirrups: 31-37″
  • Weight: Approx. 18 lbs.

This horse saddle is certainly one of the most popular ones currently available. One of the best horse saddle available in 2020

It is the perfect combination of lightweight and durability thanks to the double reinforced fiber glass tree and top-quality synthetic material. 

The saddle also happens to have a nylon binding around the corners and thanks to that it is completely tear proof and is bound to last you a long while. 

You also get a bunch of free accessories with this saddle to help you in your riding, such as matching headstall, breast collar, reins, and saddle pad.

Mustang Soft Ride Horse Saddle

Product PreviewProduct Price
Mustang Soft Ride Horse Saddle1Check Price


  • High rise cantle
  • Adjustable grab handle
  • Removable stirrups
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Easy to clean


  • Sizes: 15, 16
  • Color: Black
  • Cantle Height: Approximately 31/2″-4″

This is a perfect horse saddle especially for beginners due to its accessible design and functionality. It comes with adjustable stirrups so that your rides can be made as comfortable as possible. 

This saddle also features a high-rise cantle for added support and is extremely easy to take care of and maintain due it’s top quality synthetic material. It also comes a very accessible price range and can really be the saddle that you are looking for. Due to its light weight and minimal design, it makes it great for people of all age groups and styles.

Y&Z Leather Western Horse Saddle

Y&Z Premium Leather Western Barrel Racing Horse Saddle​
Product PreviewProduct Price
Y&Z Premium Leather Western Barrel Racing Horse Saddle​4Check Price


  • Economy Delivery Within 20-25 Days ||
  • Included: Leather Headstall, Breast Collar & Reins
  • LEATHER: Premium Quality Skirting Leather
  • Soft Fleece Underside, Fully Hand Carved
  • Beautiful basket weave leather design on pommel, cantle, skirt, fender, and stirrups


  • Seat: 14” -18”
  • Gullet: 7”
  • FQHB Skirt: 25-28”
  • Horn: 3.5”
  • Swell: 12”
  • Cantle: 4”
  • Stirrups: 30 – 40”
  • Weight: Approx. 26 lbs.

Riding is done for more than just function, it is also about extravagance and grace. This saddle is one of the most aesthetically pleasing saddles available making it the perfect combination of flamboyance and function. 

This best horse saddle also features the new high-tech close contact skirt for improved communication between horse and rider. The quality of material used in the manufacturing of this horse saddle can clearly evident and will surely be the envy of your friends. 

In fact, for a limited time only, you will receive a complementary matching headstall, reins, and breast collar.

Black Crystal Hand Carved Horse Saddle

AceRugs Black Crystal Hand Carved Western Leather Pony Youth Kids Pleasure Trail Show Horse Saddle Pony TACK Set

Product PreviewProduct Price
AceRugs Black Crystal Hand Carved Western Leather Pony Youth Kids Pleasure Trail Show Horse Saddle Pony TACK SetCheck Price


  • Color: Natural
  • 100% Leather
  • Fee Headstall, Reins, and Breast Collar
  • Black Crystal Trim
  • Well-Balanced Wood & Fiber glass Tree


Saddle Measurements: PONY SIZE

  • Seat: 10”
  • Gullet: 5.5” Pony Bars
  • Skirt: 19”
  • Horn: 2 ¼”
  • Swell: 11”
  • Stirrups: 24-30”
  • Weight: Approx. 16 lbs.

Saddle Measurements: FULL HORSE SIZE

  • Seat: 12-13”
  • Gullet: 6.5″ SQHB
  • Skirt: 22-23”
  • Horn: 2 ¼”
  • Swell: 12”
  • Cantle: 3 ½”
  • Stirrups: 23-30”
  • Weight: Approx. 16 lbs.

For the last option, we have covered a saddle deigned for your little ones. Be it a little cowboy or cowgirl, this will be the perfect gift to put a big smile on their face.

The Double Reinforced wood & Fiber glass Tree makes sure that they are completely safe and secure on the back of their favourite ponies. 

If, however you fancy this horse saddle for yourself, that can also be a great choice since it is available in adult sizes as well.

With the super lightweight body and 100% premium leather finish, it can be a great option for anyone and everyone. This saddle also comes complete with a matching headstall, reins, and breast collar with the Texas star pattern.

The use of the first horse can be dated back to 3500 BC and today they are used for a number for practical working purposes, artistic or cultural exercises, transportation, recreation, and competitive sport.

Nowadays, you would not find too many people riding a horse without a best horse saddle though.

Buying a Horse Saddle?

Best horse saddles have become the norm for any form of horse riding, some people may still wonder – why do we need saddles at all? There are actually several practical purposes and we would like to take you through them. 

But before we do that, it is critical to take you through the anatomy of a modern saddle. It may get a little convoluted since there are several elements to it and we must understand them to get the whole picture.

  • Tree – This is the skeleton of the saddle and is the base upon which the entire structure is built. A solid tree also helps in reducing the weight per square inch on the horse’s back and hence reducing the horse’s fatigue. It is important to have a stable tree since it will determine the fit and size of the entire saddle as well. The preferred build material is usually wood or a similar synthetic material and it covered with leather/leather like substance for an aesthetic appeal.
  • Seat – As the name would suggest, this is where the rider would be seated while mounted on the horse. It is located directly over the saddle tree and plays a large part in the comfortability of the rider.
  • Horn – The knob like structure attached to the front of the saddle. It helps in providing extra support to the rider and can also used as a place holder for lassos and other equipment. You would traditionally find this on western saddles.
  • Pommel/Pomnel/Swell – It is the slightly raised area of the saddle and is an extension of the seat. It serves as the base of the horn and is located right underneath it.
  • Cantle – This is the back side of the seat and provides structural support to not only the seat but also the rider.
  • Stirrup – This part of the saddles serves several purposes and is a very important part of the structure. It is the triangular part at the bottom of the saddles that helps the rider climb up and get into position. It also helps provide support to the rider’s leg while on the horse.
  • Flap/Fender – The leather straps that connect the stirrups saddle to the main saddle.
  • D-Ring – a D- shaped ring on the front face of a saddle, to which certain pieces of equipment can be attached.
  • Girth/Clinch – A wide band that goes under the horse’s barrel (ribcage) and holds the saddle on.
  • Surcingle – A strap that goes all the way around the horse’s barrel and helps keep the saddle in place.
  • Monkey Grip – A small extension of the saddle that is used by riders to maintain their seat position and also to mount the horse.

Why Horse Saddle?

Now that we have understood the structuring and parts of the saddle, we must now understand the actual purpose of the saddle. 

You may have gotten a brief idea of the usage through the various parts of the structure. Here are the main reasons for having a horse saddle –

  • ComfortAll the best horse saddles will make you feel extremely comfortable, especially if compared to bareback riding. It can be a challenge bouncing on the back of a horse, mostly because of the structure of the horse. The spine and physique of a horse are notably strong and constantly jumping on that can certainly take a toll on your body. Horse riding is not as easy as it seems and people find that out in the their initial few attempts at it. It takes a lot of effort from your muscles and bones and a saddle can help you reduce the stress your body will go under thanks to the build and cushioning of the product.
  • Horses are slippery – The fur of the horse is very smooth and can get very slippery. Chances are that you might end up slipping off the horse and hurting yourself. The saddles help you remain in one spot and hence more easily handle yourself and the horse.
  • Sweat – While riding, the horse is doing most of the work and it ends up sweating a large amount and hence can get very wet and slimy. This not only creates an uncomfortable ride experience, but also add to the slippery and stinky aspects of the ride. Nobody wants their behind soaking in the off-putting sweat of a hot and heavy horse.
  • Mounting – Especially since most horses are very tall and sometimes moody, it can be a challenge getting on them. The saddle and specifically the stirrups help riders get on the horse and stay on it. This is a very important reason for new and old riders and can be a great help for everyone.
  • Balance – Saddles can help riders keep balance and stability on the horse and stirrups can help keep the balance of the saddle. If you feel the saddle shifting off to one side, just step on the stirrup on the other side to keep it steady.
  • The horse’s health – There a lot of problems faced by the rider with the absence of a saddle. However, the horse faces quite a few problems as well and would certainly prefer a cushioning between you and himself. It also helps keep the horse’s spine in better shape and hence the increases the life of the horse as well.
  • Functionality – For a majority of the people riding horses, the animals are working tools and hence so are the saddles. Cowboys and farmers use these saddles to carry a lot of tools and other farm related items. Even for pleasure riders, a saddle can be used for carrying food, water bottles etc.

The main purpose of the horse saddle is to provide an enhanced experience for the rider and the animal. 

It is just an overall exceedingly functional and practical accessory and it wouldn’t make sense to ride a horse without one.

Points to consider while buying a horse saddle?

Now that we have taken you through the various terms and components associated with a best horse saddle. 

Also, you are now familiar with the kinds of best horse saddles available in 2020, the next step is to understand what things you need to consider while purchasing your next horse saddle.

You may be an entrepreneur who is looking to purchase multiple saddles for your business or just a riding enthusiast looking for a new saddle for your lovely animal. 

No matter the purpose of your purchase, we will take you through all the various points you need to take into consideration.

  • Discipline – The kind of saddle you purchase would depend upon the nature of your horse-riding activities. There are majorly two kinds of saddles, these include i.e. western and English styles.
  • The western styled saddle is bigger and heavier than the English ones since they are designed to distribute the weight of the rider over a greater surface area of the horse’s spine, making it much more appropriate for long days out chasing cows for examples. You may notice that in western saddle there is a lack of contact with the animal, this is due to the extra leather for protection and stability.
  • English saddles are fairly smaller and lighter and are designed to give the rider a closer contact with the animal’s back. Though the position of the rider remains the same – he/she should sit tall and straight, leaning neither forward nor backward. If you are planning on jumping in the hunter ring or riding in the dressage ring then this is the option for you. This is usually the first step in choosing a horse saddle and it helps you narrow your choices by a large margin.
  • There is however a third kind of saddle as well that is a bit less popular knows as the Australian Saddle. This type tries to combine the two existing kinds of saddles and deliver a kind of hybrid to the consumers. The seat position is adjusted by reposition the legs in front of the body. The addition of knee pads helps you to keep your position on the saddle during sudden stops and downhill descents. 
  • All these features make it ideal for long rides as well as though terrains. So, if you feel you want to explore you riding abilities into various different streams, then this is the best type of horse saddle for you. It brings in a lot of flexibility and can be used for various purposes. You will find people saying that once you go Aussie you can never go back.  
  • This saddle is latest improvement in saddle development, has really earned a place next to the classics. Thanks to the hybrid nature of the saddle and its diverse nature, this could be just the saddle we have all been looking for.
  • New vs Old – There are options available through which you can purchase old and used horse saddles but that comes with a variety of challenges. One of the most common and hard to catch problems that comes with buying an old saddle is a possibility of a broken tree. 
  1. As mentioned in the previous part of this article, the tree is certainly one of the most important parts of the saddle. It is the base upon which the entire saddle is built upon and creates the entire structure of the saddle. 
  2. Having a broken or a bent saddle can really take a tole on you and your horse and can cause serious long-term damage. Another epidemic with used saddles is unfortunately the possibility of stolen saddles. 
  3. This is done by removing the official serial numbers assigned to each product. Due to these reasons, we always suggest that you purchase new and unused saddles and always make sure that you check the serial numbers that are assigned. 
  4. This will ensure genuine quality of the products and will also help in providing services like warranty and customer care.
  • Material – There are majorly two materials you can choose from for your horse saddles – leather and synthetic. There are pros associated with both materials and depending upon your usage, you can make your decision. 

Firstly, the traditional saddles are made out of leather and if you are a traditionalist then this is the way to go. Though these saddles are comparatively heavier, with the right care and treatment, they can last you a lifetime. 

  • The durability of these saddles is what make them a favourite for riders across the globe. They can surely take a beating and are extremely sturdy in their built quality. You must however make sure that the quality of leather is top notch and that is what would make the major difference in the longevity of the saddle. 
  • Also, you must make sure that you are taking proper care of the leather by thoroughly cleaning and oiling it.
  • Fitting – This is perhaps the most important part of buying a new saddle. You have to ensure that the saddle is a perfect fit for you and the horse or it may cause several problems. These problems can vary from training to health and it will only become more challenging as time passes. Just like humans, each horse is unique and so are its characteristics. A few factors that you must consider while thinking about fit of a saddle are –
  • Breed
  • Overall size
  • Special physical characteristics – it may be a challenge to find saddles for horses with special characteristics but with most animals that is not the case.

A good horse saddle fit should sit perfectly balanced on the animal and allow for free range of motion all the way through the shoulders. 

This will allow the horse to move freely and willingly without any constraints and any rider would know just how important that is. 

It is often found that ill behaving horses do have saddle related issues and especially fit related ones. 

Another thing to consider is that horses, like humans to change in physical characteristics with time so if you feel that your saddle has not been updated for a while, you should consider perhaps buying a better fitted one for your horse. 

Some people do consider going for custom built saddles but they are typically more costly and is usually not the right choice.

  • You will also have to figure out the seat size which will be varying in accordance to your weight and saddle type –

Horse Saddle Seat Size

English Horse Saddle

Weight (Lbs.)






Size (Inches)






Western Horse Saddle

Weight (Lbs.)





Size (Inches)





There are also various ways to know if your current horse saddle don’t fit your horse properly. Make sure to momentarily check for these signs and then ensure you are taking steps to either improve the fit or to buy a better fitting best horse saddle.

After a ride, both sides of the horse’s spine should be damp and if there are signs of dry spots or areas then that is a clear indication that the saddle does not fit well. 

This is primarily due to the pressure being kept on just one side of the spine to compress the sweat glands.


  • If you notice a lot of white hairs popping on the horse, that might also be a sign of an unfit saddle since constant pressure might constrict the blood flow to certain areas.
  • You may notice some temporary and mild swelling on certain areas, this is similar to what happens in humans as well and is the body’s way of showing that there is something wrong here.
  • You may notice small saddle sores which are similar to blisters that may occur on the horse’s body. 
  • Another sign of an ill fitted saddle constant poking of the saddle will cause a lot of pain to the horse.
  • Horses tend to develop temporary small lumps and bumps on the body that are indicative of a poorly fitted saddle. 
  • Those these lumps are usually not painful and would tend to go away in a little while, they should be taken care off.
  • If you try to pet or massage your horse’s back and if there are signs of uneasiness, there is a chance the muscles are tightened and it could be a sign of a wrongly fitted saddle.
  • Fit for the Rider – In Equestrianism, the horse and the rider are a team and they have to make sure they help each other out. Once you have ensured that the saddle is fitting the horse just right, you must also ensure that it is fitting the rider perfectly as well for the optimal ride experience. You can do this firstly by trying out various kinds of horse saddles and figuring out which one suits you best. Following are the features that you should consider while considering your type of saddles-
  • Seat size
  • Stirrup position
  • Cantle height fork/pommel height
  • Overall weight of the saddle

However, for most beginners it may be a challenge to try to figure out what is the fit for them so we would like to take you through a short guide.

You should start off by sitting on a normal wooden chair in a similar position as you would on a saddle. 

Make sure that you keep your back straight and your back end away from the chair’s back, with your ears, hips, shoulders and heels in a line from bottom to top. 

In this position, make a mark in front of your crotch and also directly behind your bottom and measure the distance. 

This is the length that you need to look out for while purchasing a horse saddle, a general rule of thumb is that you should be able to place 3 or 4 fingers in the space between your crotch area and the saddle horn. 

  • This is a fairly elementary guide to help you buy the best horse saddle out there, since you will have to hit and try to get your best fitting one. However, you cannot plan to purchase a saddle without being at least a bit familiar of your requirements and measurements.
  • A small saddle will force you to lean forward and disrupt your balance. On the other hand, a large saddle will cause you to lean back and your lower body to move forward. 
  • Both these situations would lead to an unpleasant experience and make you lose balance or even suffer an injury. 
  • Budget – This will have much less to do with preference and more to do willingness to spend. Saddle prices can range from being reasonably economical to being extremely fairly extravagant depending upon the quality and additional features. 
  1. However, you must always make sure that you are not comprising on the quality or the practical aspects of the saddle. 
  2. Just because a certain saddle is for example smaller than your optimal size but is a bit more affordable, you’re better off without it. 
  3. It will be a challenge for you in the long run because you won’t be comfortable on you rides and would risk hurting yourself and your horse. 
  4. Also, good quality saddles are long term investments so you must ensure you are not only thinking short term but also the long-term benefits of this investment.
  • Reviews – It is important to go through the various reviews that are available for different products both online and offline. You must ensure you view them to get an honest opinion and overview of the products. It will help you get experienced views from a lot of previous users and will help you make the right decision when it comes to buying a horse saddle.
  • Style and Pattern – This feature is completely about personal preferences and it would barely make any difference to the functionality of the saddle. Currently there are many style options available for horse saddles in the market. This include the type of colour you want to choose to the pattern of it.

How to take care of a Saddle

Just like most horses, most horse saddles are also investments and everyone smart person knows to take care of their investments. It is also very important to ensure you maintain your horse saddle and keep it hygienic and clean. 

However, you must understand that the type of care would also vary with the type of saddle you have.

Horse Saddle Leather

Just like any other leather product that you might have, a saddle must also be kept in a dry place and away from extreme temperatures. 

  • You must also ensure that you are periodically removing any pieces of dirt or other any substance off that saddle with a clean dry cloth.
  • Along with this, you must also purchase a few care products that are specifically designed to take care of the leather quality such as saddle soap and leather conditioner. 
  • In terms of the cleaning process, it is fairly simple and straight forward, you can start off with cleaning the leather with the soap and wipe it off after it has foamed. 
  • After that you can apply the conditioner with a dry cloth and try to be a thorough as possible.


Horse Synthetic Saddle

The instructions for storing a horse synthetic saddle are quite similar to that of a leather saddle. However, the cleansing part of the story is a little different and a lot easier. 

You can clean it by simply applying a gentle hand soap till it foams and then wipe it off with a clean cloth. You should also dust the saddle every once in a while, to ensure the quality and presentation remain intact.

Mistakes to Avoid while buying the Best Horse Saddle

Now that we have talked about the different aspects of horse saddle that you need to consider while making a purchase, we also need to take you through the mistake you need to avoid –

  • Research One of the most common mistakes people make is the lack of research. You reading this article would be a sign that you are in the right direction and that you are willing to invest some time before investing any money. That is a smart decision especially since you do not want to stuck with a saddle that you end up feeling uncomfortable with and end up regretting the purchase. That being said, don’t try to overdo things. If you have read this article, that should pretty much cover all talking points to consider in your purchase.
  • FeaturesYou must consider the most relevant features of a horse saddle while making the purchase. For example, you feel you will have a challenge in cleaning the saddle regularly then definitely go for a synthetic option even if you feel a leather option could be better. That is the reason we have tried to list out every possible customisation that can be offered by a manufacturer. This will help you make an informed decision and you will end up with the best massage table in the world.
  • CostSince this will long term investment, try not to cheap out on some important features just because of a few bucks. A lot of the features mentioned above can take the riding experience to another level and you must understand that. Riding is a very different experience for each rider and nobody wants that experience ruined by having a bad saddle.
  • Looks over comfort Though some horse saddles may be more aesthetically pleasing than others, it won’t make a huge difference. You must understand the top most priority is the comfort of the rider and the horse.
  • Time There may be genuine reason for you to be in a hurry to make the purchase but most impulse purchases do end up being duds. However, you need to be practical here and take the right amount of time before making the decision. You can try to list down the things you think will be most important to you and then mix and match with the individual tables.
  • Measurements As previously mentioned, measurements can be really be the game changer when it comes to saddles. Please make sure you are taking the right measurements and only then make the purchase. If you are having problems with this, please reach out to someone who can help you out with the measurements.

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