Best Horse Lead Ropes 2020 – Complete Review Guide

Horse Lead ropes are generally used to hold, lead, tie or string the animals, that is the horses are tied to one another with their lead ropes. 

The handler either leads by hand walking with the horse or he may be mounted on another horse and lead the animal out. 

When the animals are stringed together the lead ropes of the first horse is held by the handler while the lead rope of the other horses is tied to the saddle or tail of the next horse.

The best horse lead ropes are used to lead a horse out of the stable into the pasture. It is attached to the halter with a heavy clip or a snap which makes it beneficial to remove as and when needed. 

They are a necessary to handle horses therefore one needs to keep a variety of them in the stable. Most of the time the lead is attached to the halter but many handlers leave it tied permanently.

Weaver Leather Poly Lead Rope

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Weaver Leather Poly Lead RopeCheck Price
  • An extremely premium quality lead rope made of polypropylene.
  • It is available in a range of classic as well as trendy colours.
  • It is a very comfortable as it is soft and the break in feel of the lead rope is gentle on the hands of the handler.
  • The horse lead rope has a solid chrome brass snap hook which is beautiful and durable and does not rust with use.
  • The ends of the ropes are heat sealed to help prevent breaking out of threads there by making it long lasting and increasing the durability, performance and dependability.
  • One of the best horse lead rope is a long rope measuring 10 inches in length.

Mustang Braided Lead Rope

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Mustang Braided Lead RopeCheck Price
  • A good quality horse lead rope which is incomparable to any other product in quality and value. 
  • It is ideal for today’s training trends. 
  • It is a poly rope which is braided and has a core centre. 
  • There is a brass plated bolt snap at the end of the lead rope giving it a beautiful look which is easy to remove. 
  • It is available in black colour and is quite long helping the users to move their animals around even after they are tied. One of the best horse lead ropes available in the market.

Kensington Horse Lead Rope

Kensington Horse Lead Rope  is an Extra-Durable rope available in the market.

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Kensington Horse Lead Rope  is an Extra-Durable ropeCheck Price
  • This poly rope is made of soft, durable and heavy duty nylon which is so designed that it can withstand force. 
  • It is so strong that pressure and tension will not break and tear it easily. 
  • It is ideal for repeated usage and can bear the pulls and tugs during walks. 
  • It is gentle on the hands of the handler even during the hard pulls. 
  • The trigger snap is made of patented buckles and it clings easily to the harness. The trigger helps the user to easily detach the lead rope but it can withstand the pulls and force applied by the animal. 

Finally a horse lead rope which can help the user enjoy the time he spends with the animal and has an easy fold technology making it easier to store without it getting tangled.

Intrepid International Heavy Duty Lead Rope

Intrepid International Heavy Duty Cotton 10 foot Best Horse Lead Rope

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Intrepid International Heavy Duty Cotton 10 foot Best Horse Lead RopeCheck Price
  • It is made of super soft cotton which is highly durable and reliable during the walks, pulls and unravelling. 
  • It possess a brass trigger snap which is very convenient as it attaches easily on to the harness or halter. 
  • The advantage of this trigger snap is that you can easily remove the rope but it doesn’t open when being pulled or wriggled with by the horse. 
  • There by letting your animal be safe at all times. The lead rope is 10 feet in length and is braided at both ends. 
  • The super soft cotton is gentle on the hands and doesn’t cause any irritation or discomfort. 
  • It is available in many different colours to help you match with your halter. One of the best horse lead ropes available in 2020.

Cowboy Nylon Horse Lead Rope

AJ Tack Wholesale Cowboy Nylon Horse Lead Rope with Leather Popper

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AJ Tack Wholesale Cowboy Nylon Horse Lead Rope with Leather PopperCheck Price
  • A lead rope made of nylon which is available in a variety of colours.
  • It has a leather popper at the end.
  • The brass plated bolt snap at the end is removable and has a quick release system making it easier to use and allows the horse to be safe.
  • It is a thin rope therefore tends to twist when you gather it.

Hamilton Cotton Lead Rope

Hamilton Cotton Horse Lead with Nickel-Plated Bull Snap

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Hamilton Cotton Horse Lead with Nickel-Plated Bull SnapCheck Price
  • This is a cotton horse lead ropes which is available in six different colours. 
  • It is a soft and a strong lead which is thick and not stiff unlike the nylon leads. 
  • It is soft on the hands as it doesn’t cause any burns. 
  • The nickel plated snap is of a good quality as it is rust and tarnish proof. 
  • It doesn’t break easily when tugged or pulled hard. 
  • The snap is strong and easy to open and helps to keep the animal safe.

TGW Riding Horse Poly Lead Rope

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TGW Riding Horse Poly Lead RopeCheck Price
  • A premium quality lead rope made of polypropylene
  • It is soft on the hands and very comfortable when the lead rope is broken in. 
  • The rope is heat sealed at the two ends to ensure that it remain long-lasting and there is no compromise on the dependability and performance of the lead. 
  • It is a long rope and measures 10 feet in length. 
  • It has a high quality bull snap which helps keep the animals safe. 

Properties of Best Lead Ropes

They are generally made of leather, cotton, nylon or other synthetic materials. They are usually of leather, but most people prefer webbed cotton or nylon ones which are about an inch wide. 

Some may be narrower than normal, but mostly flat lines are preferred as they are not bulky and are comfortable to handle while leading the horse. 

The flat lines are difficult to use if the horse has to be tied as they don’t have enough strength.

Leather leads

These are smart lead ropes and look majestic on the horse especially when he is being lead into a ring. They are difficult to maintain nd use on a daily basis.

Cotton Leads

These are very comfortable to use especially ones made of rope. The cotton fibre is soft on the hands and doesn’t cause any burns. 

They may fray and soak moisture but are still very convenient for everyday use. jute ropes can get prickly and cause the horse to pull though they are very strong.

Nylon Leads

These Horse Lead ropes are made of nylon or poly fibre. These can cause severe burns if gloves are not used. They are durable, strong and long lasting leads as compared to cotton or any other material. 

They are also resilient to chewing by the animals as compared to cotton ones. They are available in a large number of colours and are a great value for money.

Leather Poppers

These are thin leather straps at the end of the lead ropes. They are used by very experienced handlers who know how to handle a misbehaving animal.

They flick the leather ends at the end of the horse lead rope and these when they touch the animal immediately gets their attention.

Lead Length

When buying the lead rope one must always keep in mind the size of the animal. 

  • If they are too long they get trodden over and keep getting in to the horse’s way. 
  • They are generally in the range of 9 to 12 feet, but today shorter and longer ones are also available in the market. 
  • One should have enough length so that he can handle the horse and can hang on when the animal pulls away.

Most people generally prefer to buy the lead of the same colour as that of the halter for it looks good. They even prefer to keep the materials also similar for aesthetic values.

Bolt Snap

This the easiest snap to open and it breaks when the horse pulls in panic. Many feel that it breaks away really quickly and is not convenient.

Bull Snap

It is stronger than the bolt snap and more difficult to open. It doesn’t break in an emergency therefore it’s safety can cause problems for the animal when it experiences a panic like situation.

Safety Release

This can be used as it quickly and safely releases from the halter. It is cumbersome and difficult to attach to the halter. Many feel it release too easily fro the halter under slight pressure.

Handling of the Best Horse Lead Ropes

While using the lead ropes a few points need to be kept in mind:

Leading the Horse

As is the tradition the handler should always lead the horse from the horse’s left side with his right arm holding the lead. There may be situations where the horse is lead from the right side or from the front but these are not many.

  • When you are leading a horse make sure you hold the lead ropes with your right hand and there is a slight slack of the lead in the left hand. 
  • The extra lead is coiled and held by the left hand.
  • Be careful when holding the lead. 
  • Never coil it on your hand as it can be very dangerous. 
  • If ever the horse pulls away the handler can get dragged and thus get severely injured or even lead to his death.

Many a times the lead ropes purchased is made of nylon, be careful because if the horse pulls away you may get a rope burn. To prevent such cases it is advised to wear a pair of gloves

Tying the Animal

Since a lead ropes is not only used to lead the horse it is also used to tie the animal to the fence or a post.

The handlers learn quite a few different kinds of knots especially like the safety knots and quick release knots.

The quick release knot is highly useful when the animal gets panicky and has to be released immediately. 

However, some animals learn that the lead ropes can be released with slight pressure, therefore for them the loose end is passes through another slip knot and it helps to keep the animals safe.

  • Flat leads and those which have thin diameters mainly lack strength, but are easy to tie the animal with as compared to thick ones which are stronger and good for animals who resist being trained.
  • Care should be taken when using the lead because the animals cannot be left unattended especially if they are tied down. In case of a panic attack and an attempt to free itself, the animal can injure itself seriously.

Therefore, never leave the animal unattended especially when he is tied.

While using the lead make sure you don’t jerk the animal as you may frighten it. Jerks can even cause damage to the head and at times the horse can rear.

Finally, a lead is an important tack for the horses and very useful for the handler. The correct one with an appropriate length and material is ideal for the safety of the animal and the handler.

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