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Horses like humans need grooming and it’s important to maintain a routine for that. Hooves especially require a lot of care. Hoof care needs to be done daily if the horse has to remain healthy. 

Lack of care can lead to various problems like long term or short term soundness issues for the animal. If the hooves are not trimmed regularly they can grow too long and cause discomfort.

One needs to remember that all the four hooves need to be cleaned every time before and after the ride too.

Best Horse Hoof Pick - Top 7

Perri’s Aluminum Hoof Pick

Perri’s Aluminum Pulling Comb/ Hoof Pick

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Perri’s Aluminum Pulling Comb/ Hoof PickCheck Price
  • A good quality and a sturdy horse hoof pick with an excellent pulling comb for combing the mane of the horse.
  • It is well made though slightly smaller in size.
  • The handle of the pick is made of Perri’s leather giving it a perfect finish.
  • The hook pick is useful to remove the dirt from all the nooks and crannies. One of the best hoof pick available in 2020.

Vinyl Coated Horse Hoof Pick

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Vinyl Coated Horse Hoof PickCheck Price
  • This is a smart hoof pick which has a vinyl coated handle for ease of use.
  • The vinyl coating makes the pick durable, strong and long lasting.
  • The pick is handy and helps you clean the hooves easily and quickly.
  • Since there isn’t a brush attached to it, it’s inexpensive as compared to other models.
  • It works well and is very convenient to use. Best horse hoof pick available in the market.

Intrepid Rubber Hoof Pick

Intrepid International Rubber Horse Hoof Pick

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Intrepid International Rubber Horse Hoof PickCheck Price
  • A smart hoof pick with rubber handle makes the grip so comfortable.
  • Its soft on the hands especially when you are cleaning the hooves on a daily basis.
  • The convenience cannot be matched when your hands are wet or during the cold winter months making the hold so favourable and enjoyable.
  • The horse hoof pick and the brush are so sturdy and light weight that the work is done without any bells and whistles.
  • The bristles of the brush are stiff to help getting the job done quickly.
  • The brush tip helps to clear off the frog area and the triangle bar cleans the wider areas perfectly. Best hoof pick to buy.

Weaver Leather Hoof Pick

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hoofpickCheck Price
  • The hoof pick is a perfect durable tool for removing the caked dirt from the hooves.
  • The metallic pick helps in cleaning the hoof perfectly by removing the dirt from all the crevices.
  • The 6-1/4 inch long plastic handle comes in a large number of colors to help you choose one of your liking.
  • The grooves on the handle make it convenient for use.
  • The brush has stiff bristles which help to brush the mane well.

Noble Outfitters Hoof Pick

Noble Outfitters Wine Down Horse Hoof Pick

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 Noble Outfitters Wine Down HOOF PickCheck Price
  • An stylish and a very impressive hoof pick which has a beautiful leather band on it.
  • Ideal for the haute couture as it comes with a beautiful wooden handle and a bottle and wine opener attached to it.
  • It is very useful during and after horse shows and lovely to show some style with.
  • A sturdy piece of tool which works well for the animal and very handy for opening wine bottles. 
  • Care should be taken to keep it out of reach of small children. One of the best hoof pick designed so beautifully available in 2020.

Tough 1 Great Grip Hoof Pick

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Tough 1 Great Grip Hoof PickCheck Price
  • A smart looking horse hoof pick tool with an ergonomically shaped handle.
  • This makes usage very enjoyable and convenient.
  • It has massage bumps and a rubber grip on the handle thereby making cleaning of the hooves a pleasant experience.
  • It is available in many colours giving the buyer a wider choice and cleans the hooves completely.
  • It is light weight and is comfortable to use.

Intrepid Brass Hoof Pick

Intrepid International Brass Horse Hoof Pick

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Intrepid International Brass Horse Hoof PickCheck Price
  • The beautifully engraved brass horse hoof pick makes it an ideal gift for horse lovers.
  • Christmas an occasion for giving and receiving gifts makes this rise up to the special occasion.
  • The ergonomically shaped hoof pick fits the left or the right hand perfectly.
  • This makes the chore a pleasant experience.
  • It is made of brass which is a durable and a strong metal making it long lasting. 
  • This horse pick is sturdy and extremely beneficial to remove the hard cakes of dirt from the hooves.
  • It works well as it has a good balance and is too easy to lose. One of the best horse hoof pick available in the market.

The basic hoof care is picking out the feet.  A hoof pick is used to maintain the cleanliness of the hooves. It’s important to use it regularly as that helps to maintain the hygiene.

A horse hoof pick gets rid of the mud, manure and rocks stuck to the sole of the hooves. The removal this is necessary as it helps you to prevent thrush, which is a very common hoof ailment. 

If the thrush becomes severe it can make the animal lame. The hoof pick also helps to remove the stones which can cause bruises in the hooves. 

During winter season the pick helps to remove packs of snow from the hooves which can form snowballs and be very uncomfortable for the horse. 

This is a tool with a hook, which is generally made of metal to help clean the hoof of the horse. 

There are a large number of designs in the market, some have a stiff brush attached which can be used to get rid of the mud or dirt on the hooves.


Horse Hoof Care Tips

To maintain a healthy animal it’s important to take care of its hooves. The horses go through a lot of muddy and rocky soil. 

Even in the green pastures there can be areas which are slushy and mud can get caked around the hooves.

  • If the mud is not removed it can cause serious health issues for the animal.

Start with picking out the horse’s feet. This is the first step to hoof care. The best way to work with a hoof pick is to start from the heel to the toe.

This way one avoids accidently hurting or jabbing the frog of the hoof or the horse’s leg. Sit facing the tail of the horse and gently run your hand down the leg. This makes the horse raise his leg.

  • It helps you keep the hooves healthy and you can notice any problem before it becomes a major issue.
  • It is important to remove any debris from the crevices of the frog and scrape the sole for any remaining bits.
  • One should be able to see the entire sole surface clearly, this can be achieved with a stiff brush.

If you can’t do the cleaning yourself engage a farrier who visits regularly and does the trimming and shoeing. Generally they are engaged for intervals of six to eight weeks but if you notice any problems you can engage them earlier.

Horses adapt well to conditions which are dry or wet but it’s the hooves which suffer from the fluctuating environment. 

Generally this happens in the late spring, summer and early autumn when they are taken out in the wet dew soaked grass. 

This causes the hooves to swell due to moisture absorption. This loosens the holes of the horse shoe damaging the hooves.

Thus shorten the summer timings 

Avoid standing for long hours in deep muddy areas as it allows skin infections like thrush or scratches.

Importance of Picking the Hooves

Since hooves of the horses pick up bits of gravel, debris or dirt and even snow regularly when they are out on a trail or in the padlock or the pasture.

  • These pieces if not removed can cause discomfort, infection or lead to lameness in the animal.

Picking the hooves regularly helps one find out any wounds or problems at an early stage.

It is important to pick them daily but those horses which are ridden every day one should pick the hooves every time before and after the ride.

  • The horse hoof pick removes all the trapped dirt and the brush removes the remaining dust from the hoof.
  • Keeping the hooves clean regularly keeps the bedding of the animal clean.
  • A wet hoof or bedding is home for bacteria and can lead to thrush.
  • This is a bacterial infection which occurs in the cleft of the frog making it sore and soft.
  • It can be very uncomfortable and reduces the resilience.
  • Picking of the hooves allows oxygen to penetrate to the underside of the hoof thus helping in reducing thrush forming situations.
  • After picking the hooves if a hardener is applied to the hoof wall it helps to keep them free of cracks, splits and infection.

It is advisable to use a good quality horse hoof pick as the cheaper plastic ones do not penetrate deep into the hoof and clean it.

  • Buy a quality hoof pick which works for you on a daily basis and helps you keep the hooves clean of all debris.
  • Take care that they should not be of soft material because these are impractical for daily use.
  • This is an indispensable device which is a must for every horse owner.
  • The brush should have stiff bristles so that it removes all the dust which is left behind and sweeps away the loosened debris.

This also ensures the hooves are thoroughly clean and they remain healthy at all times.

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