Best Horse Grooming Kit 2020 –  Groom Your Horse with Ease

Grooming is an important part of looking after your horse. It is necessary as it helps you bond with the animal and helps him to relax and accept you as its rider. 

It helps you to identify any unusual conditions or injuries on the skin or anything which is causing him to behave unnaturally.

Grooming is the only way in which you can improve the skin and coat of the horse. 

Before riding a horse, it is important to clean it and remove all the debris and dirt on its body as this helps to avoid irritation of the skin.

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Oster Equine Horse Grooming Kit

Oster Equine Care Series 7- Piece Grooming Kit

Product PreviewProduct Price
horse grooming kithorse grooming kitCheck Price

This is a very handy bag which is extremely useful for storage and transporting the horse grooming kit from one place to another. 

  • It has 7 items in it which are the stiff grooming soft finishing brush, coarse curry comb, mane and tail brush, mane and tail comb and a hoof pick. One of the best horse grooming kit available in 2020.
  • The handles have rubber touch control on them which gives an excellent grip to them as well as they are very comfortable for use.
  • These brushes are very good for grooming the whole bodies of the animal.
  • They help you to groom the horse quickly and easily without any discomfort.
  • Storage and portability of the bag is very easy.
  1. Handy blue storage bag for organized transport
  2. 7-Piece horse grooming kit with brush, curry comb, mane and tail brush, hoof pick
  3. Rubber control-touch handles for added comfort and better grip for hands of all sizes
  4. Great for grooming horses, whole bodies
  5. Grooming Kit includes Oster’s stiff grooming brush (078399-100-000), soft finishing brush (078399-110-000) coarse curry comb (078399-120-000), mane and tail brush (078399-140-000), mane and tail comb (078399-150-000) and hoof pick (078399-170-000)


  • A durable and a sturdy bag which can accommodate more brushes.
  • Excellent quality brushes and comb
  • A complete basic horse grooming kit

A few more brushes or a sweat scraper can be added to the bag to make it complete.  The rubber curry has bristles which are far apart and don’t really help in getting rid of the mud. 

The hoof pick can also have a brush on the other end to help in perfectly cleaning the feet.

Derby Deluxe Horse Grooming Kit

Derby Originals Premium Ringside 8 Item Horse Grooming Kit

Product PreviewProduct Price
horse grooming kithorse grooming kitCheck Price

A deluxe Horse grooming kit which keeps the comfort of the horse in the fore front as it includes all the tools needed to keep him fully groomed.

  • These help in bettering hid coat, hooves, and the mane which is the pride of very horse.
  • The set includes 9 items like the bathing sponge, sweat scraper, a hoof pick, mane and tail comb and brush, a soft brush and a rubber curry comb.
  • All these items come in a sturdy bag. One of the best horse grooming kit 2020 available.
  • The bag is available in many colour combinations.


  • A sturdy set of brushes and comb
  • Designed to help children and adults groom their horse perfectly.
  • An ideal gift for horse lovers.
  • The hoof pick and comb have comfortable grips to help you groom with ease.
  • The brushes and combs have smooth edges and bristles to give maximum comfort to the animal.

It’s an ideal gift for beginners as the size is small to fit small hands.

Weaver Leather Horse Grooming kit

Product PreviewProduct Price
horse grooming kithorse grooming kitCheck Price

This is a wonderful horse grooming kit which has 7 pieces needed for grooming the horse. All the essential grooming tools are kept in a nylon tote bag.

  • This durable tote has six pockets on the outside for extra storage.
  • It has many brushes and combs needed for grooming the animals.
  1. Face brush with soft bristles– It is designed to fit snugly in the palm to help the user in achieving less fatigue during the grooming process.
  2. Mane a Tail brush- The brush has a well contoured and comfortable handle and spaced bristles for effective combing of the mane and tail.
  3. Comb- This is a durable plastic comb for the mane and tail.
  4. Coarse curry- It is also a palm held one for less fatigue during the grooming.
  5. Dandy brush- it has a well contoured handle which is comfortable and helps in removing the dirt and sweat quickly.
  6. Sweat scraper- it has 2 tools in one, a curved rubber blade and a coarse curry tooth on the other side.
  7. Hoof pick- this also has a comfortable rubber handle giving it a good grip.


  • Durable tote bag
  • Six exterior pockets for additional storage
  • Easy to organize and very handy
  • Available in beautiful, attractive colour
  • High quality bristles in the brushes.

The only disadvantage of the product is that the bag doesn’t have any zippers to the outside pockets. 

The quality of the plastic in the brush is not very high as they tend to break under pressure.

Tough 1 Best Horse Grooming Kit

Tough-1 Great Grips 6 Piece Brush Set with Bag Bla

Product PreviewProduct Price
horse grooming kithorse grooming kitCheck Price

This is a very convenient tote bag for the tools required for grooming as it has multiple pockets on the outside and an adjustable strap to hold the bag. It also has a zippered lid to keep the brushes safe in the bag. 

  • It’s available in many colors to suit the liking of the customers.
  • The bag has six brushes for the perfect grooming of the animal. 
  • They are the hoof pick, comb, sweat scraper, stiff bristle brush, ail and mane brush and a flex finishing brush.


  • The bag has a good size and is available in many colors
  • It has many pockets on the outside which are very handy.
  • The brushes have a comfortable handle which makes it convenient to use.
  • Hoof pick and the sweat scraper are of very good quality.

The stiff brush has very hard bristles which can harm the animal. The soft brush bristles have a good sturdy feel but the bristles tend to bend easily.

Since the material of the bag isn’t very strong the seams tend to fray under the zipper on constant use. The curry comb should be included as it is an important item for grooming the horse.

Roma Ultimate Grooming Kit

Product PreviewProduct Price
horse grooming kithorse grooming kitCheck Price

A very convenient grooming kit which has everything one needs for grooming a horse.  The tote box is made of plastic and can be carried anywhere with a removable tray.

The horse grooming kit includes a Hoof pick with a scraper, a plastic sweat scraper, a large sponge, a plastic dandy brush, a rubber curry comb, a plastic mane comb, a packet of 500 braiding bands, hoof oil can and a plastic body brush.


  • It comes with all the grooming items
  • The items fit snugly in the tote box.
  • Worth the money as it comes with braiding bands and an oil can.

The Horse Grooming kit is wonderful but a little small as it becomes difficult to put them back in.

The curry brush is a little small and uncomfortable to hold in a fully-grown hand. The brushes are small so don’t get the dirt off effectively.

Equestrian 8 Piece Grooming Kit

Product PreviewProduct Price
horse grooming kithorse grooming kitCheck Price

A great handy bag made of collapsible cloth bag has 8 pieces which includes 4 brushes, hoof pick, sweat scraper and a mane comb. It is available in a variety of colours to help people pick the one they like.

These grooming tools help to keep the animals regularly dirt free, happy and healthy. They are easier and very convenient to use.


  • A durable bag which can endure the stress and strain of daily use.
  • The brushes are great and are suitable for small and big hands.
  • Competitive pricing of the product.

The handling and delivery of the product is not very reliable as the bag and the brushes have mold on it. This makes the product look unworthy of being used as a gift.

The handles of the brushes tend to get loose and sometimes the bristles fall off.

Horse Grooming Tool

The grooming of a horse involves various tools, which are of various sizes and styles. Each tool in the kit is for a specific task. The choice of the tools is dependent on the horse and the owner’s preferences.

There are many types of tools and each has its specific function. There are primary and secondary tools.

Primary tools are the most important ones which are needed by every horse owner for grooming his animal.

  1. Mane and tail comb
  2. Curry comb
  3. Body brush with stiff bristles
  4. Body brush with medium bristles
  5. Finishing brush
  6. Hoof pick
  7. Damp cloth or sponge

Secondary tools are also needed for grooming the animal. They are”

  1. Hoof dressing
  2. Mane and tail detangler
  3. Thrush treatment
  4. Fly repellent
  5. Grooming block
  6. Treats

Way to Groom your Horse

  1. Secure the animal- Ensure that the animal is tied safely in the stable before the grooming begins. The knot on the rope should be a quick release one so that the animal can break free if he feels scared.
  2. Collect the tools- After the animal has been safely secured to the post one should collect all the tools needed to clean the equine.

It is important to keep them within your reach but out of the horse’s way. The equine can get frightened if it accidently kicks the tools which are not in proper place.

  1. Pick the hooves- The daily horse grooming routine should start with checking out the horse’s feet. It is always the best to check the hooves especially after a ride. Check the legs of the horse by running your hand down them so that you can feel any lump or a scrape he may have got during the gallop.

Examine the legs for any bacterial infections like thrush or bot eggs which get attached to the hair on the legs and use a grooming block to remove them from the legs.

The hoof pick is used to remove the dirt, manure or small rocks from the hooves.

  1. Brushing(horse grooming kit)- Horses love to be scratched with the help of a brush especially on their itchy spot.
  2. A curry comb(horse grooming kit) can start from the neck in a circular motion, thereby it helps to loosen the dirt, stimulate the skin of the animal, massage the muscles and naturally help in distributing the sebum which keeps the hair waterproof and shiny. A metal curry comb can be used to remove the mud caked on the body like the shoulders and hip.
  3. A body brush with stiff bristles(horse grooming kit) can also be started from the neck region and move it down the back using quick flicking movements which help to remove the dirt that has been loosened by the curry comb. Remember to brush under the belly area which also has dirt kicked up by the hooves.
  4. A finishing brush(horse grooming kit) has soft bristles and by giving long strokes all the way from the neck to the rump removes the small dust particles which may have been left behind. This brush helps the coat to shine and is used mostly on the face throat and ears.

A tail or mane comb or brush(horse grooming kit) can be used to remove the knots and tangles from the mane and tail. You must work slowly from the bottom upwards so that you don’t break the hair. The knots can be removed with the fingers before brushing the mane and tail to avoid damage to the hair.


It is important to remember to groom your horse daily especially after any ride or exercise. It may take you 45 minutes to an hour to really clean the horse thoroughly.  

Horses get dirty all the time so it’s important to keep them clean as it helps you identify any out of the ordinary things with them.

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