Best Horse Blanket for your Horse

The weather is beginning to cool down so that we consider how our horses can safely live in cold and unfavourable weather. But with all the clothes to choose from and the expenses incurred when buying one, you have to be sure you are the best person for your horse.

You want to be sure he is safe and dry. Hundreds of different designs and sizes of blankets are available practically and can be very costly, so first ask yourself if my horse wants a horse blanket.

Except in harsh climatic conditions, most horses live year-round and outside, provided they have sufficient headdresses and a place to cover themselves from the weather. Even an un-clipped horse may benefit from extra protection in the form of a horse blanket in higher altitudes or at highly exposed pastures.

A horse cut (hair cut off from its body) must wear a horse blanket, though it turns out to be healthy in bad weather.

Best Horse Blanket - Top Picks

Product NameProduct PreviewProduct Price
Derby Originals Nordic-Tough 1200D Winter Horse Turnout Blanket 2 Year Warranty 300g Insulationhorse blankethorse blanketBuy Now
Derby Originals Classic 600D Winter Mini Horse Pony Turnout Blanket 1 Year Warranty 200g Insulationhorse blankethorse blanketBuy Now
AJ Tack Wholesale Horse Turnout Blanket Rug Waterproof Ripstop 1200 Denier Heavy Weight 400ghorse blankethorse blanketBuy Now
Derby Originals Nordic-Tough 1200D Winter Horse Turnout Blanket 2 Year Warranty 400g Insulationhorse blankethorse blanketBuy Now
Derby Originals West Coast 600D Ripstop Waterproof Winter Heavyweight Horse Turnout Blanket with 300g Insulation and One Year Warrantyhorse blankethorse blanketBuy Now

Derby Originals - 1200D Best Horse Blanket

Derby Originals Extreme Elements Nordic-Tough 1200D Ripstop Waterproof Winter Heavyweight Horse Turnout Blankets with 300g Insulation and Two Year Warranty

Product PreviewProduct Price
horse blankethorse blanketCheck Price

1200D extreme elements series waterproof nylon heavyweight horse Turnout is a top-selling blanket, designed for long-term, long-lasting, comfortable weather use, no matter how extreme! 

This Horse blanket is designed to last even in the coolest climates with a sturdy 300 G poly film and a super tough ripstop build.

These blankets have a pair of adjustable neck straps that can be twisted so that the blanket fits more properly and so that snow and rain will not get under the blanket. 

Its blanket features a chest closure updated with two snap-on and off-breath adjustable buckles, additional protective velcro and rapid-fixed snaps! 

This Horse blanket has an upgrade of 150D and stays breathable and silky, smooth, avoiding scratching of the fur and discomfort, thicker and longer than conventional blanket linings.

This cover has a sewn over-size tail cover built to cover the tail and rump of your horse and to protect it better than stan against wind, rain and snow.



  • the ideal winter blanket to almost every horse and environment.
  • A lightweight fleece protector withers and a lightweight
  • Advanced freedom of movement.
  • highly crushing and cut-resistant ripstop nylon structure of 1200D.


  • It is larger than the size

Derby Originals - 600D Ripstop Horse Blanket

Derby Originals Classic Nordic-Tough 600D Ripstop Waterproof Winter Mediumweight Mini Horse & Pony Turnout Blankets with 200g Insulation and One Year Warranty

Product PreviewProduct Price
horse blankethorse blanketCheck Price

Built to be easy to wear, sturdy and warm without overheating, this 600D turnout blanket was one of our best-selling models for over 10 years-this versatile blanket was made to suit foals, horses and pony breeds, and it was the ideal everyday horse blanket for the cold autumn, winter and winter.

Triple-layer robust construction-this blanket features an inner silky, comfortable no rub 210 t cover, polyfill isolation filling of 200t providing extra heat without overheating. This durable outside blanket is designed for indoor/outdoor uses, to be comfortable both inside and outside.

The robust ripstop nature makes it suitable for use in pastures and group turnout with a one year warranty from derby originals and one-year warranty from the suppliers, which protects against defects in quality/manufacture.      


  • Ideal everyday blanket
  • Extra hear without overheating
  • One-year warranty


  • Needs a lot of adjustments

AJ Tack - 1200 Horse Blanket

AJ Tack Wholesale Horse Turnout Blanket Rug Waterproof Ripstop 1200 Denier Heavy Weight 400g Fill

Product PreviewProduct Price
horse blankethorse blanketCheck Price

Winter turnout horse blankets are designed to ensure an easy and comfortable way to keep the horse warm in summer with 1200 denier waterproof and airy outer shells, 400 g poly-fill insulation and 70D smooth coating. 

Robust, durable: this horse blanket is made of a blend of 1200D rip-stop waterproof nylon cotton, no seam centres, hardware for heavy-duty and improved stitching, which ensures that your horse remains warm and dry in the bitterly cold winter. One of the best horse blanket available in the market.

Stays in place firmly: the waterproof turnout horse blanket with two front buckles and a hook and a loop closure were built to ensure that it stands when opening the hands for buckles to be secured. 

For hood rings, the hood with the shoulder gussets is built to suit the hood just as easily for moving: weighty horse turnout blankets in a wide variety of sizes and colours are available. 

To ensure an optimum fit for your horse with ease, you can use the flexible removable elastic leg straps and crossed belly bellies. Also added an all-round support tail flap.


  • It is very robust and durable.
  • Stays in place


  • It’s a little bit slippery

Derby Originals 1200D 400g Insulation Horse Blanket

Derby Originals Nordic-Tough 1200D Winter Horse Blanket 2 Year Warranty 400g Insulation

Product PreviewProduct Price
horse blankethorse blanketCheck Price

Available in three Plaid Prints it is one of the best horse blanket 

Because of the highly flexible and classical features, strong 400 g Poly-fill and durable Rip-stop Nylon fabric, this blanket is a good winter blanket for almost every horse and climate.

This blanket includes an innovative movement free shoulder gusset, a soft fleece wither guard, and a soft 210 T internal nylon lining to avoid hair coating irritation.

Due to the strong 400 g of Poly-fill insulation, this blanket was designed to keep your horse warm even under zero conditions. No additional weight, the insulation offers a soft and moist layer.- This blanket features an ultra-tidy, cut-resistant 1200D Rip-Stop design, which means you can leave your horse in the grass or the pasture without worrying about the tear of a cup.

A specific two-year guarantee to safeguard against manufacturing and quality defects will be given to this company. There is no documentation of injuries.


  • A long-lasting, reliable, and versatile weather-friendly turnout blanket.
  • This fabric was designed to last even in the coldest environments and most damaging
  • Comfortable 400g of poly-fill and a super tough rip-stop construction.


  • Its hardware has a problem

Derby Originals - 600D Waterproof Horse Blanket

Derby Originals West Coast 600D Ripstop Waterproof Winter Heavyweight Horse Turnout Blanket

Product PreviewProduct Price
horse blankethorse blanketCheck Price

Derby Originals West Coast 600D Rip-stop Waterproof Winter Heavyweight Horse Turnout Blanket with 300g Insulation and One Year Warranty.

It has been designed to be easy to wear, robust and warm without overheating. One of the best horse blanket available in the market.

It was designed to be the ideal everyday cloth for cold fall, winter, and spring and to be used both in dry and wet weather, to work for a broad variety of horses.

The blanket features a soft silky, non-rub 210 T internal filler, a Poly-fill filling 300 g that offers extra warmth in cold weather as well as a durable, breathable and washable 600D exterior. 

This durable turnout blanket had been designed to wear indoor and outdoor comfortably. Our long-lasting Rip-Stop construction ensures this blanket is excellent for grass and group turnout.

This blanket is eligible for a one-year Derby Originals supplier guarantee, protecting against defects in quality/manufacturing.


  • To be used in a variety of weathers.
  • Extra Comfortable and durable.


  • Not sustains long enough

Why Horse Blanket is important?

Today there are several different kinds of horse wear. It might not be appropriate to blank your horse if you have an excellent cover from the biting wind, sleet and snow, and you never ride him in winter. 

As the time approaches by a thick, fluffy coat and extra fat in the fur, he must acclimatise with the cold weather, as he protects from the elements.

All you need, in coldest or the wettest season, is a medium weight swinging blanket.

For extra warmth and safety, if you want to blanket your horse, then you will have to track fluctuating winter temperatures and adjust his blanket to prevent sweating when temperatures rise or shiver when temperatures drop.

The prevention of sweating under the horse blanket is critical because it can cause a chill or lead to disease.

This is why most people who want to wear blankets have many pieces of clothing which can be used under different conditions.

You must hold him in some sort of covering before warm weather arrives for him to avoid causing illness or pain when you start to put a blanket on your horse.

Types of Blanket

A horse sheet is light and clean, while a horse blanket keeps your horse dry. 

Two varieties: stable and turnover. Shooting sheets and rounding sheets are waterproof and are intended for use outside your horse, whereas stable sheets and roofing sheets are not waterproof and are meant to be worn inside your horse. 

The choice can be confusing between these styles, but here we take a closer look at the differences to ensure that the wardrobe is properly packed for your horse.

Stable horse blankets and stable sheets, as their name suggests, are not water-resistant and meant to be used indoors. On the other hand, turning sheets and turnout sheets are waterproof and suitable for inside and outside use on turnout or lawn. 

Besides being waterproof, turnouts tend to have a heavier negative impact, so that they are harder to withstand outdoor conditions, such as rough dirt.

How to choose the Best Horse Blanket?

If you decide whether to buy a stable blanket or a turnout pad, it will depend whether a waterproof blanket is required or no. Stable clothing is not water-resistant and is common when your horse is in the field. 

They have a central seam and rump darts which give them a sharp design. Also available are full hoods. When sold separately from sales, the horses that are usually cut to the body have full coverage.

The turnout blankets and sheets are waterproof and are available in two types: Standard and Combination. Standard turnout blankets protect the withers down to the neck. 

Combo or Detach-A-Neck cover from just behind the ears to the tail. A turnout sheet or blanket is more “clothed” and roomier and offers more weather coverage.

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