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Grooming is must whether for humans or animals. A horse who looks beautiful with shiny soft coat is the one who has been groomed well. 

Grooming a horse daily helps you know the general health and well-being of the animal. Horses are groomed generally before and after a ride.

There are many tools used for grooming a horse and they help in easing out the process of grooming. They keep the animal healthy and comfortable. A very common and necessary tool is the curry comb. It is the first tool used in the grooming process and is needed daily for the animal.

Best Curry Comb - Top Picks

Great Grip Spring Curry Comb

Tough 1 Great Grip Spring Curry Comb

Product PreviewProduct Price
Tough 1 Great Grip Spring curryCheck Price

Oster Corporation Curry Comb

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Oster Corporation Coarse Curry CombCheck Price
  • A comfortable curry comb for horse which has coarse rubber fingers to massage and loosen the dirt from the animal’s body.
  • It has an innovative rubber control touch handle which gives the curry comb extra comfort and a better grip as compared to others.
  • The handle is so well designed that it fits hands of all sizes.
  • The fingers of the comb are well spaced to remove the dried mud and anything else the horse may pick up on his coat.
  • The coarseness in the fingers help to massage the coat while cleaning it. 
  • They also assist in kneading the coat thus loosening the dirt from it.
  • The gentle massage done by the fingers of the comb, help to increase the blood circulation.
  • It also helps in good deep cleaning and shedding of the loose hair. One of the best curry comb for horse available in 2020.

Tough 1 large curry comb

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Tough 1 large curry combCheck Price
  • It is a large flexible rubber curry comb for horse which has a rubber handle for giving you a secure grip.
  • It is available in a large variety of colours.
  • It has semi- soft teeth which are not hard, so they are soft on the body contours and don’t hurt the animal.
  • They also trap all the loose hair well.

Oster ECS Fine Curry Comb

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Decker Jumbo Spring Check Price
Editors Choice
  • This has a rubber control-touch handle to give the user a better grip and more comfort when doing the currying.
  • The fine rubber fingers gently clean and massage the sensitive areas of the horse’s coat.
  • The handle so beautifully designed that it fits all hand sizes. 

One of the best curry comb available for your horse in 2020.

Decker Jumbo Spring

Product PreviewProduct Price
Decker Jumbo Spring Check Price
  • This particular comb is made of one continuous strip of high-quality stainless steel.
  • It is constructed in a spiral manner which gives the curry comb strength and flexibility.
  • This particular design helps to protect the teeth from bending and breaking.
  • It is available in different colours.

Roma Brights Reversible Metal Curry Comb

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Roma Brights Reversible Metal Curry CombCheck Price
  • A round traditional curry comb available with different colored handles.
  • It is very convenient to use to remove the caked mud and dirt from the coat and also helps to remove the loose hair.
  • The product is of high quality and durable.
  • They have an excellent after sales service.
  • A perfect product for the shedding horses.

Intrepid International Spiral Metal Curry Comb

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Intrepid International Spiral Metal Curry CombCheck Price
  • This comb has a spring designed steel coil to help the user remove the caked mud and the shed hair from the horse’s body.
  • It comes with coloured plastic handles.

Grooma the Little Groomer

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Grooma the Little Groomer Horse Curry CombCheck Price
  • This is a very convenient curry comb for horse to keep handy when grooming the horse.
  • It removes all the loose hair, dirt from the coat.
  • The soft flexible fingers of the curry comb provide a wonderful massage to the animal by penetrating deep into the coat.
  • Its penetrative action helps to remove the scabs too.
  • The soft rubber fingers are good massagers.

Decker 33 Tan Flex Curry Comb

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Decker 33 F Tan Flex Curry CombCheck Price
  • It is a steel curry comb which has a lacquer finish.
  • The comb has a handle strap which makes it easier to use and handle while grooming the horse.
  • The strap is available in different colours.
  • The comb helps in removing the dead hair from the coat giving it a nice shine.
  • The comb is hard and does not bend along the body curves.

Prime Web Rubber Comb

Horse and livestock Prime Web Handled Rubber Curry Comb

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Horse and livestock Prime Web Handled Rubber Curry CombCheck Price
  • This is a rubber curry comb with a soft fabric handle.
  • It is very easy to clean and helps to remove the dirt and the shed hair from the body.
  • The soft canvas handle makes it comfortable to hold.
  • The teeth of the curry comb are soft and most horses don’t enjoy the hard teeth.
  • They help massage the body of the animal while grooming the coat of the animal. One of the best curry comb for horse available in 2020.

Curry Comb for Horse

A curry comb is generally oval or round in shape and is made of rubber or plastic. 

  • It has three rows of short teeth on one side and a band on the other side where one can slip the fingers and palm. 
  • The thumb remains on the outside and one helps in gripping the edge of the comb.

The horse is curried or rubbed every day with this tool to loosen the sweat, dirt or loose hair on the body. 

It not only helps in loosening the dirt but also stimulates the skin so that it produces natural oil which gives the animal a shiny coat. The rhythmic cycles of the currying motion give a deep massage to the horse. 

Usually the handler uses the tool in the direction of the hair. The animal becomes closer to the handler due to this massage. 

Some of these combs can be harsh on the animal especially when used in the leg region.

Types of Curry Comb for Horse

They come in different varieties and sizes, like a rubber, metallic or plastic. The choice is of the user and each has its pros and cons.

Rubber Curry Comb

  • They are the most common type of combs and have been used since a long time.
  • They are very beneficial for removing the debris, dirt, caked mud and old hair from the animal.
  • They are safe and can be used all over the body in a circular motion.
  • Care has to be taken when using them in sensitive areas like the face, under the face, ears, knees and the hocks.
  • These are the regions of the body which have delicate muscle and are sensitive to touch.

Metal Curry Comb

  • This curry comb for horse has metal teeth and is effective in removing the long winter hair from the animal’s body.
  • It is to be used very gently in circles and flicking of the wrist. Be careful not to give a hard massage with this comb as it may injure the animal.
  • Mostly people do not use this comb on their pets as they can harm them.
  • They are generally used for cleaning the body brush and removing the dirt and hair from it.

Plastic Curry Comb

  • This is a plastic brush which has plastic bristles and is used to remove the loose hair and mud from the coat of the animal.
  • Ensure that the curry comb has rounded plastic bristles.
  • The sharp bristles or teeth can damage the skin of the animal.
  • Care should be taken as they are not as soft as the rubber ones.

How to curry the horse?

It is very important to stick to a routine when we are cleaning the animal. It relaxes them and they enjoy it.

  • Cleaning the coat of the horse before any exercise is a good way to start the day.
  • Cleaning the skin requires a curry comb to scrub and polish it.

When currying the animal scrub, the contours of the body. A flexible curry will help you stroke the main coat.

  • Start from the neck region avoiding the face, go behind the elbows, between the fore legs and behind the ears.
  • Always move from the shoulders to the girth and then to the back and the buttocks.
  • Never forget the hidden areas which are difficult to see like the bridle path, between the front legs and the belly.

The curry is effective when you make small circles moving with and against the hair growth. This is effective in cleaning the horse and relaxing it.

Generally, people start currying the horse from the left side but one can do it from any side, one just has to repeat it on the other side.

  • While currying the muscled area of the horse remember to press firmly against the skin with the heel of the hand.
  • One must remember that the horse communicates with you when you are currying him.

His expressions about the amount of pressure you are putting on him is a guide to you to adjust and decrease or increase the pressure.

  • Use a softer touch when rubbing over the vertebrae and the scapula.
  • Ensure you do scrub the girth and the saddle area as this helps in making the saddle fit well and be comfortable.
  • Remember never to curry the mane.

While currying one should be able to bring the scruff or the scaly skin to the surface of the coat along with the dirt and the dead hairs.

  • If the comb gets clogged just knock the edge of the comb against a fence or a wall or a post to knock out the debris.

Thus, currying will help you horse feel extremely relaxed and comfortable as well as keep the skin glowing as it releases the oils in the skin and gives the coat the beautiful shine.

Benefits of Curry Comb

  • Cleans the coat of the horse of all the dirt, loose dead hairs and the grime.
  • Very essential for maintaining a healthy skin and coat.
  • Helps you connect with the animal and develop a relationship.
  • One can locate the skin lesions or wounds on the body.
  • Regular currying ensures that fresh cuts, skin infections or thrush are immediately taken care of.
  • It relaxes and destresses the horse.
  • It teaches them to stand quietly and let the handler handle them.
  • The massage gives the horse a feel-good factor and makes their coat shine.

Thus, currying of the horses has benefits for humans too. The barn grooming reduces stress and is an excellent therapy for the humans as well as the animals. it helps in maintaining the overall health of animal.

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