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Best Breakaway Horse Halter 2020

“Horse Halters are very important Equipment for Horsemen”

Horse lovers and horsemen use this most common piece of equipment – horse halter to control there horses. They are so common that they don’t give it much thought and tend to pick up the same type when an old one breaks.

But for a layman or a new customer who is all so keen to pick up equipment for his loving pet, it should be clear to him about the need of breakaway horse halters as they are necessary for communicating with the animal.

Deciding on a horse halter is dependent on the safety and the comfort level of the horse and owner. 

  • Cost 
  • Convenience are some other factors which influence the buyers.

Today the market has a large selection to offer and it is beneficial to see all the alternatives.

Best Horse Halters 2020 - Top Picks

There are various types of breakaway horse halters and your choice will have to be based on the need, material and size.

Beta and Cotton Breakaway Halter

Product PreviewProduct Price
Smart Pak Beta and Cotton Breakaway HalterCheck Price

Smart Pak Beta and Cotton Breakaway Halter-

  • The halter is made of heavy cotton webbing and durable beta which makes it sturdy. 
  • It available in 8 eye catching and bright colours. 
  • The breakaway tab is easily replaceable along with giving safety and convenience to the user and wearer.
  • “One of the best breakaway horse halter”

Breakaway Crown Halter with Snap

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Basic Breakaway Crown Horse Halter with SnapCheck Price

Basic Breakaway Crown Horse Halter with Snap is a triple ply webbing halter which has a leather crown

  • This leather crown is replaceable as it will break away when the horse is in a panic like situation like he has got himself caught in a fence, the breakaway halter will break and help in avoiding any injury to the scared animal. 
  • It has adjustable chin and throat snaps. 
  • The leather crown has double buckles and heat-welded holes.
  • It is available in 3 different sizes for a small, average and an oversized or large horse. 
  • It’s available in 3 different colours- red, black and royal blue.

Weaver Breakaway Adjustable Halter

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Weaver Breakaway Adjustable HalterCheck Price

A polypropylene horse halter which is available in 3 different colours- blue, purple and red. 

  • A very comfortable and solid halter as it is lined with soft, PVC coated foam rubber padding along the nose and crown. 
  • The breakaway halter has a flat throat design which adds to the comfort.
  • The breakaway strap can be easily replaced as it is attached with adjustable Chicago screws. 
  • The product is resistant to quick breaking as it has solid construction and the fuse is strong for it doesn’t break away with a minor pull of the head. 

Looks great on the Horse. One of the best breakaway horse halter available in the market


Suffolk Trim Breakaway Halter

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Suffolk Trim Breakaway HalterCheck Price

Suffolk by Dover Saddlery Ribbon Trim Breakaway Halter- It is a soft nylon web horse halter which has beautiful, fun printed overlays on the nose and cheeks making it an interesting style. 

  • It has an easily replaceable breakaway crown made of leather. 
  • The halter has a roller snap throat and an adjustable chin which makes it convenient for use. 
  • It is long lasting and can be washed easily giving it a new look all the time. 

One of the best horse halter in terms of convenience.

Union Hill Argyle Breakaway Halter

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Union Hill Argyle Breakaway HalterCheck Price
  • Comfort and style are the key words of this halter. 
  • They not only make heads turn but also are the hot favourites. 
  • It is a nylon horse halter which is lined with a sueded nubuck for softness. 
  • The leather breakaway crown is a double buckle 1 piece which is easily replaceable. 
  • It also has an adjustable chin and snap throat. Best horse halter available in 2020.

Kensington Premium Halter

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Kensington Premium HalterCheck Price

Kensington Premium Breakaway Horse Halter is made of 1 inch thick nylon webbing.

  • It has a thin piece of leather attached below the buckle on the crown which breaks away when high pressure is applied on the halter. 
  • This allows the horse to escape when it panics or rears and bolts.
  • It has an adjustable poll and a padded nose band, with a snap at the throat latch which ensures that there is an identical fit every time the halter is worn. 
  • The product comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

#Best Horse Halter

Chafe Less Padded Halter

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Chafe Less Padded HalterCheck Price

Chafe less Padded Breakaway Halter is An extremely good quality nylon halter which has chafe less padding sewn on the nose and the leather crown for additional comfort. 

  • One of the best horse halter available in terms of comfort.
  • It is available in 11 vibrant colours and has a dual adjustable crown which has a improved safety in the breakaway area. 
  • The nylon is soft and supple and it does not chafe or rub. 
  • The grooming snap adds to more versatility and ease.

Types of Horse Halters

Breakaway horse halters are highly useful for the horses irrespective of the material they are made with. If the horse gets tangled it can easily break the rope and be free.

Foal Horse Halter

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Foal Horse HalterCheck Price
  • These are small in size and are meant to fit the foal. 
  • Putting on and removing the halter many times helps the foal to get used to it and strengthens the bond between the owner and the baby. 
  • It also helps making the training easier once the horse grows up.

Adult Horse Halters

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Adult Horse HaltersCheck Price

Once the horse becomes an adult it is difficult but not impossible to make the horse accept a halter. 

  • They are either head-shy or they don’t want to be caught up in one. 
  • Familiarizing them with one before putting it on them and speaking in positive and soft tones helps them to accept the halter. 
  • If anger is shown or the halter is thrown in anger the horse gets scared and thinks it as a threat to him.

Fixed halters

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Fixed haltersCheck Price
  • They are generally made of rope or nylon threads, and even leather.
  • These are used for training horses and one is able to communicate well with them as the animal can feel your pressure.
  • The major disadvantage is that they cannot be removed in an emergency and if the horse gets entangled he can get injured while pulling to break free.
  • It cannot be left on an unattended horse as it can lead to injury or even death of the animal.

Breakaway halters

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Breakaway haltersCheck Price
  • These halters have a leather piece that will snap when pressure is applied to it, therefore they are designed so that they allow the panicky animal to break free. 
  • If the animal get tangled or stuck in a fence then it is very helpful because he can break the halter and be safe. 
  • Thus horses who wear halters all day using this halter is a better idea as they will not injure themselves. 
  • Even the trained horses do panic sometimes and when they do so they pull their head backwards. 
  • This backward pull can jolt the head hard if it meets resistance, it can cause him to loose balance and fall. 
  • Not is the animal physically scarred he is affected even mentally developing fear to being tied down. 
  • Thus its beneficial for the horse to run away from the panicky situation rather than have a physically and mentally maimed horse to deal with.

Leather Horse Halters

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Leather Horse HaltersCheck Price
  • These are very popular and are easier for the horses to break free if they are tangled. 
  • They are also easy to repair if broken. 
  • The biggest advantage is that they look gorgeous on the horses giving them a very majestic look while lasting for a long time.

Nylon Halters

Product PreviewProduct Price
Suffolk Trim Breakaway HalterCheck Price
  • These are tougher but may cause problems for the horse if it gets tangled as the nylon web will not break easily. 
  • The positive side is they are easy to clean and come in a variety of colours and prints.

Rope Halters

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Rope HaltersCheck Price
  • These are made of polypropylene ropes which are thinner and lighter.
  • The horses can wear these halters only if they are doing ground work and training.
  • Not used for tying them down anywhere or even leaving them tied in the stables.

On the other hand as per the need there are many horse halters like grooming halters, show halters, shipping halters, training halters and combination halters. 

Different requirements have led to small changes in the halters making it easy for the trainer or the owner to handle his stallion.

When to use breakaways Horse Halters?

Horse Halters are a rope or strap with a noose or a headstall for leading or restraining horses. It is a very important part of a horse’s wardrobe. 

  • It is incomplete without a halter, as it is necessary for catching him, handling him or leading him to the field. 
  • It is much more convenient and easier to use than a bridle especially when you are walking the horse.
  • It is the first piece of equipment a horse uses. 
  • It is also the most common and frequently equipment in the barn and is very important for one’s daily interaction with the animal. 

All breakaway halters do not give you the same control and affect the manner in which you handle the animal. All types of halters do not fit all horses perfectly.

A breakaway halter like its name suggests is to let the horse get free when it is scared or in a panic situation. 

Many a time using a break free initially may not be a good idea especially if you are teaching the horse to get used to being tied down. 

When the horses are being trained they tend to pull hard and resist being tied down and if he realizes that he can get free it will be difficult to tame him.

  • Initially never leave the horse unattended because if he becomes anxious one needs to calm him down and free him of the binding. 
  • Once he gets used to being tied down you can use a break away to prevent sudden anxiety attacks.

Even experienced and well-trained horses who are familiar with their surroundings suddenly go into a frenzy and become nervous. 

The breakaway halter helps them exit from the situation and regain their calm. But even these need to put on a regular horse halter to help retrain them.  

They should not be allowed to connect restrain with freedom otherwise it will be difficult to control them.

If you are in unfamiliar surroundings avoid using a breakaway as it may become difficult to locate the runaway horse. 

  • If the colt needs to be left unattended put him into the trailer and give him hay to eat.

Thus bottom line for using halters is that one must take into account the safety of the animal. 

It is better to use a breakaway horse halter as it prevents injury and its less cumbersome to find a runaway horse than deal with an injured and scared animal.


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